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    Things You Must Do Before Getting Breast Implant Surgery

    Things You Must Do Before Getting Breast Implant Surgery | AtlantaFollowing an aesthetic procedure such as breast augmentation performed by a plastic surgeon, the patient needs a few days of undisturbed rest for complete healing and rejuvenation.

    The recovery can become quicker and easier, if the patient follows a few simple tips. Accomplished cosmetic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey provides breast implant surgery to patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and other towns and communities in the outstanding state of Georgia.



    Fill Your Home with Tranquility

    A calm and serene atmosphere is known to enhance the quality of healing. This can be created with a with a low stress, clutter-free environment – for instance, all laundry should be previously addressed and daily necessities should be placed in easy-to-reach lower shelves, so there is no unnecessary stress on the arms.


    Set Up a Recovery Station in the Bedroom

    The patient can boost healing by creating a well-organized dresser in the bedroom containing daily basics like cell phone, AV remote, tissues, small water bottles, Vaseline, and of course the important pain medication. It is prudent to take plenty of rest in the first week after breast implant surgery.


    Step-up Comfort with Extra Cushioning

    It is a good idea for the patient to rest at a 45 degree angle in the first few days after surgery, so any swelling or wounds are healed faster. Seating comfort can be enhanced using extra cushions and pillows. This will allow the patient to comfortably sit upright with minimal stress.


    Accelerate Healing with Herbal Supplements

    Arnica Montana is known to reduce post-surgery wounds; this can be taken with approval from the cosmetic surgeon to complement healing. Soothing lotions such as cocoa butter or Shea butter can be used after bathing to moisturize incision areas, and improve healing.


    Organize Child/Pet Care

    The patient should ideally be free from any child/pet care responsibilities during the healing period. Patient can arrange for a trustworthy care companion (like friend or family) beforehand in order to remain relaxed and undisturbed during early recovery.


    Arrange for Easy Source of Nourishment

    The patient should avoid major activities during early healing, including cooking. If the patient lives by herself, she can prepare dishes before surgery and freeze them for later use. She should also consider arranging for ready-to-eat meals, so she can be relatively free from the burden of cooking.


    Get Used to the Special Surgical Bra

    The patient will be required to use a surgical bra after the breast implant surgery to provide extra support and avoid bruising. Post healing, the patient can wear a support enhancing sports-bra (no underwire). She should explore and familiarize her with both types of bra before surgery.


    Prepare for Ice Therapy

    The surgeon will recommend the patient to use ice packs to reduce bruising and swelling for the first two days after breast implant surgery. It is best to keep ice packs ready in the freezer or organize with caregiver so there is no delay post-surgery.


    Arrange for Comfortable Clothing

    The patient must avoid stretching during the healing period. For this, it is advisable for her to arrange for loose fitting, front-open clothing with zippers, so dressing is not tiresome.

    Perspicacious and terrific plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and nearby areas in this region of The Peach State for breast implants.

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