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    What To Expect When You First Wake Up From Surgery

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    1AE064B9-9867-4010-8A8DBA05E8652A5BWaking up after being under anesthesia can be a confusing experience for many people, it’s not unusual for many of our patients to be experiencing the effects of anesthesia for the first time so what should you know before going in to surgery?

    You Will Probably Wake Up Feeling Thirsty

    It is very common for one of the first questions when patients wake up to be “can I have some water?” Following surgery fluids will still be being delivered to you intravenously so even if your mouth feels dry you are not dehydrated. One of the main reasons you can’t be given water immediately following surgery is the risk of it making you feel nauseated.

    You Might Feel Cold

    A side effect of anesthesia that is seen in many patients is shivering or shaking that leads many patients in their confusion to feel like they are cold, the feeling will pass and don’t worry! Your recovery nurse will ensure that you are kept at a comfortable temperature even if you can’t immediately feel it.

    You May Wake Up Feeling Pain or Nausea

    It is possible to wake up feeling pain or being nauseated and that is perfectly normal, just know that your recovery nurse will use the correct medications to control both symptoms as safely and effectively as possible.

    You Could Feel Like You Need The Restroom

    Trying to get to a bathroom immediately following surgery will likely lead to you feeling disorientated, nauseated and could lead to you injuring yourself so don’t panic! If you need the restroom your nurse will have you covered. It’s why bedpans were invented.

    Most important is to keep in mind that you are in safe hands and that your recovery nurse will be doing everything possible to make you feel comfortable so trust in what they are telling you to do or not to do!

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