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    Neck Lift Plastic Surgery Cost

    Neck Lift Cost | Plastic Surgery | Roswell | Atlanta | MariettaNeck lift may be performed by a cosmetic surgeon as an independent procedure or in combination with facelift surgery. At the time of the initial consultation, the surgeon will explain various aspects of the procedure, and also discuss its estimated costs. The first priority of an experienced surgeon is to help the patient make a fully informed decision.

    Dr. Paul McCluskey is an experienced plastic surgeon providing state of the art surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures, including neck lift. Dr. McCluskey will address all queries related to costs and other aspects in detail. He receives patients from Atlanta, GA and surrounding communities for neck lift surgery.


    Cost Factors

    Neck lift costs can differ between two practices. In some situations, the cost may even differ between two patients at the same practice. Several factors will impact the overall cost of the neck.


    Where the Practice is Located

    Practice location is one of the key factors that will make a difference to the actual cost of a neck lift procedure. The living cost index generally varies from one region to another, which affects the average costs of most types of goods and services, including surgical procedures. For instance, the average cost of neck lift surgery in Atlanta, GA may not be the same as the average cost in, say, Northern Virginia.


    Fee Charged by the Surgeon

    The fee charged by the cosmetic surgeon can depend on their training, skills and experience in performing neck lift and similar procedures. As per the recommendations of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a patient should try to select the most appropriate surgeon for their needs. Aspects such as the surgeon’s fee should be viewed as a second priority in such decisions.


    Costs of Anesthesia and Operating Facility

    If the neck lift procedure is performed using general anesthesia, it will involve the costs of an anesthesiologist or a certified anesthetist nurse. Their fee will vary as per their skills and experience. Operating facility costs may also differ depending on whether the procedure is performed at a hospital, ambulatory surgical center or a private surgical suite.


    Combining with Other Procedures

    If neck lift surgery is combined with other procedures such as facelift, brow lift, or chin augmentation, the overall cost-effectiveness may improve. In combined procedures, the costs of anesthesia, surgical room costs, surgeon’s fee and other overheads may not change significantly. The plastic surgeon may also offer a rebate to patients seeking combined procedures.

    In any case, patients should note that while cost remains an important factor in any elective procedure, but it should not be the starting point. Patients should seek a procedure primarily because they feel the need for it, and not because the costs may be affordable to them.


    Insurance and Financing

    Neck lift expenditures will usually not be covered under insurance because it is an aesthetic procedure. But patients will usually have access to various low interest financing options, including medical care financing, bank loans, credit cards, and borrowing from family and friends to make the payment in convenient monthly installments. Crowd funding should not be ruled out either.


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