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    Neck Lift Candidates

    Neck Lift Candidates | Atlanta Plastic Surgery | Roswell | MariettaPatients who are interested in receiving neck lift procedure should first meet a qualified cosmetic surgeon for a consultation to determine their candidacy. The surgeon will evaluate various aspects, including the patient’s health, neck, and facial profile, and their personal cosmetic goals in order to determine candidacy.

    Dr. Paul McCluskey is an experienced plastic surgeon providing neck lift and various other cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Dr. McCluskey will recommend neck lift to appropriate candidates who can benefit the most from this surgery. He provides neck lift to patients in Atlanta, GA and surrounding communities.


    Suitable Candidates

    A fabulous candidate for a neck lift will usually be a woman or man in the age group of 40 to 70 years, who is in reasonably solid health to undergo anesthesia and surgery. The candidate would be bothered by one or more of the following cosmetic conditions:

    • Loose, slack neck skin, commonly known as a turkey wattle neck
    • Neck skin damaged by years of sun and wind exposure
    • Excessive fat tissue below the chin, giving the appearance of a double or triple chin
    • Wide jowls due to excess fat tissue or skin under the jaws
    • Prominent folds and wrinkles in the neck skin


    Skin Elasticity

    The cosmetic surgeon will assess the skin quality and elasticity in the neck area before determining candidacy. The ideal candidate will be someone whose neck skin still has some degree of elasticity in order to achieve good results. Neck lift will involve a significant amount of stretching, and the neck skin should be elastic enough to be able to withstand that.

    The skin should not be too taut or too thin because excess skin will be trimmed away, while the rest is pulled tight and smooth. Therefore, a few younger and older people may not be suitable candidates if skin laxity is an issue in their neck region.


    Other Conditions

    The plastic surgeon will help the patient to develop realistic expectations from neck lift surgery. Individuals with a positive frame of mind, clear aesthetic goals and realistic expectations will usually make better candidates for neck lift. They should also be aware of the estimated downtime involved post-operatively, and be prepared to stay away from normal activity and responsibilities at the workplace.

    A good candidate will be committed to following the surgeon’s instructions during the pre- and post-operative phases. They would be ready to make full disclosure about smoking, medications, and existing health conditions to help determine their candidacy. Dr. McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, GA and nearby areas for neck lift surgery.


    Flaws Treated with Neck Lift

    Candidates who want to reduce the appearance of loose bands of skin and fat that may have accumulated over the years can benefit from neck lift. The procedure can also accentuate the jaw contours and mitigate the ‘jowly’ look. While neck lift is not a weight loss surgery, it can create an impression of reduced weight in the face and neck area. Some candidates may have to combine neck lift with neck liposuction to achieve more desirable results.

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