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    More Men Are Getting Plastic Surgery

    More Men Are Getting Plastic Surgery | Atlanta | Buckhead | RoswellIssues related to body image and physical aesthetics are more commonly discussed among women, but new research by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) shows that even men are now actively pursuing this conversation about receiving cosmetic surgery procedures.

    Cordial plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey provides advanced aesthetic procedures for the face, body and breast to patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and surrounding locations.


    Men are Willing to Approach Plastic Surgeons

    More men are looking for advice from cosmetic surgeons to improve their physical appearance and bolster self-confidence. In fact, in 2017 over 1.3 million aesthetic procedures were performed on men. A growing number of men are visiting the offices of plastic surgeons to have a frank discussion about their aesthetic concerns and insecurities.

    When the surgeon explains the extensive range of plastic surgery and non-surgical aesthetic procedures available to help them achieve their goals, they can often notice the look of relief on the patient’s face.

    For many men, just having an aesthetic procedure on a single part of the body that they are self-conscious about can make a significant positive impact on how they perceive themselves.

    Some surgeons say they see a lot of younger men who are seeking body contouring procedures. Statistics show that cosmetic procedures such as liposuction (up 23%) and tummy tuck surgery (up 12%) have seen a rise in popularity among men in the last five years. Male breast reduction procedures have increased nearly 30 percent during this period.


    Case Study

    For a 20-year old male patient, it was stubborn fat deposits in the chest area that seemed impossible to lose after his medication for asthma caused significant weight gain. The plastic surgeon determined that the patient was suffering from gynecomastia, a swelling of the male breast tissue caused by hormones, and performed male breast reduction surgery to remove the excess fat.

    Following the procedure, the patient’s confidence dramatically improved and led to highly satisfying results, according to the surgeon.

    The patient could feel more comfortable in his own skin and was encouraged to get out and exercise and take control of his long-term weight loss. The patient said that his positive weight-loss efforts would not have been possible without the cosmetic surgery to get the process started.


    Older Men Choose Less Invasive Procedures

    While younger men seem to focus on cosmetic surgery for their bodies, older men are choosing less invasive procedures to reduce their signs of aging. More than 100,000 men had dermal filler injections in 2017, which is nearly double the number since 2000. Botox has quadrupled in popularity during the same period.

    Some men call it the ‘executive edge’ as they want to look younger in order to continue to compete with the younger generation at their workplace. According to Dr. Jeffrey Janis, President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), more often, men just wish to look as young as they feel. This is where a skilled plastic surgeon can help.

    Dr. Janis stresses the significance of choosing an experienced cosmetic surgeon to ensure rigorous safety and ethical standards. The surgeon should also be able to offer a wide range of treatment options to fit the needs of each patient.


    Accomplished cosmetic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia and other towns and suburbs in this awesome region of the country for various surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures.

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