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    How Should You Prepare for Rhinoplasty Revision Surgery?

    gdshfhWhile the actual revision rhinoplasty procedure can be completed in about two hours, the planning and preparation process requires considerably more time. Preparation should ideally begin several weeks prior to the date of surgery in order to ensure optimal results and a speedy recovery. The cosmetic surgeon will discuss about the preparation at the time of initial consultation.

    A patient requiring revision rhinoplasty would already have received the primary nose reshaping surgery. The outcome of that procedure may have been unsatisfactory, in part, because of inadequate preparation. Therefore, more caution for preparation must be exercise during the revision procedure. Dr. Paul McCluskey is a leading plastic surgeon providing rhinoplasty revision surgery to patients in Atlanta, GA and surrounding locations.


    Pre-operative Tests and Instructions

    Prior to planning for a revision rhinoplasty procedure, the cosmetic surgeon and the medical team will review the patient’s medical history, perform a close examination of the nose and related facial features, and learn about the patient’s personal aesthetic needs and goals. They will also explain the entire procedure to the patient and help them establish realistic expectations.

    Detailed post-operative instructions will be given, which may include avoiding smoking, avoiding certain types of medications, vitamins and herbal supplements, and improving diet several days or weeks in advance. Patients will often be required to undergo detailed blood tests and diagnostic imaging tests of the nose. Several photos of the face and nose will also be taken at this stage.

    The patient will be advised about the estimated downtime involved so that they can make arrangements for help at home or applying leave at the workplace. Experienced plastic surgeon Dr. McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, GA and nearby areas for rhinoplasty revision surgery.


    Arranging Transportation

    The patient should preferably have a family member or friend accompany them on the day of surgery and be ready to drive them back home after the procedure. Revision rhinoplasty is usually performed using general anesthesia or IV sedation. The lingering effects can make the patient groggy for a few hours, making it unsafe for the patient to drive.


    Changes in Diet and Nutrition

    In the weeks preceding the revision rhinoplasty surgery, the patient should prepare their body for the changes that are about to occur. If the patient is able to maintain their health and fitness at the peak levels, it will go a long way toward enabling a safe and smooth recovery. Some of the recommended changes may include the following:

    • Avoid blood thinners
    • Adjust any prescription medications in consultation with the physician
    • Stop smoking and avoid alcohol
    • Increase the content of lean proteins in the diet
    • Stock up on ‘soft’ foods for the initial post-op recovery period
    • Inform the surgeon about any illness, including minor ones.


    Other Arrangements

    Other things that can help during the post-operative recovery include that the patient should arrange an advance supply of cold compresses and pain medications at home. Preferably, they may also arrange for a caretaker at home for at least the first 48 hours after the procedure. Any critical and physically demanding household chores should be completed before having this surgery.

    If something comes up at the home that requires physical strength, you should have a neighbor or a friend that perhaps you spoke with before to give them a head’s up that you may need their assistance before you are 100% healthy. You should have their phone number in your cell phone for example.


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