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    Fat Grafting Can Reduce the Ripples in Breast Implants

    Fat Grafting 

    Often, after a breast implant surgery, women notice folds or wrinkles in the implants that are clearly visible through the skin. These folds or wrinkles are known as ripples. They can be seen around the bottom or the sides of the implant and can even occur in the middle, around the area of the cleavage. Leading cosmetic surgeons say that ripples are common and that almost all implants will ripple to a certain degree. But it becomes a cause for concern only when it is plainly visible.

    While there are no health complications that crop up due to ripples in your implants, aesthetically they do tend to look odd and you need to rope in your plastic surgeon’s advice on how best it can be fixed.

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    What causes ripples in breast implants?

    Ripples in breast implants are caused due to a number of reasons. One of the most common reasons, for ripples to surface, is the lack of sufficient tissue to cover the whole implant. Many women are simply not born with enough breast tissue that is needed to fully conceal the entire implant.

    Another reason why ripples appear, after a breast implant surgery, is if the implants are too large. Cosmetic surgeons also recommend that when you sign up for a breast implant insist on silicone-gel filled implants instead of those made of saline. Saline implants often lose their volume which is why they are not a preferred choice.

    After your breast implant surgery, if you notice ripples you can consult with a cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Paul McCluskey, who is based out of Atlanta. A specialized plastic surgeon will be able to determine exactly why your breast implants have developed ripples.

    How can fat grafting help?

    One of the latest innovations, fat grafting is also known as autologous fat transfer. Recommended by many plastic surgeons, the procedure involves taking fat tissue from other parts of your body and injecting it into your breast. Fat tissue from your thighs, stomach or buttocks is first removed using liposuction, it is then converted into a liquid before being injected in to form breasts.

    Cosmetic Surgeons deem that fat grafting is a reliable way to reduce the appearance of ripples since it helps add coverage to the breast while also increasing the breast’s volume. It is especially useful when it is used to make up for the lack of natural tissue on the sides of implant. Additionally, many fat grafting is endorsed by many plastic surgeons because it uses your own tissue for the implant.

    While fat grafting cannot make your ripples disappear completely, it will certainly go a long way in making the ripples less obvious. If your breast implants have visible ripples, make an appointment with an experienced surgeon like Dr. Paul McCluskey, who practices in Atlanta. A cosmetic surgeon will be the best to advise you on the fat grafting procedure and how it can benefit you when you need to bring down occurrence of ripples in your breast implants.

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