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    Botox Administration: Credentials Are Important

    Botox Administration

    Botox Injections Medical Spa Atlanta, Georgia | Roswell GA Derma FillersAre you on the lookout for a credible Botox administrator? Chances are that even a cursory look around Atlanta will throw up a barrage of choices. Today, you will find that practically everyone with a medical background, and some of those who don’t, is offering Botox administration as part of their services. But, it is important for you to do a thorough check before choosing your Botox administrator.

    The truth is doctors, from a variety of medical fields, and even nurses are legally permitted to administer Botox and other non-surgical injections. However, a specialized Botox practitioner who thoroughly knows how anatomy and your facial muscles work and can also avoid any adverse effects is the one you need to choose.

    What credentials should the Botox practitioner possess?

    When choosing a Botox administrator, you have to take into account two important factors – training and credentials. Plastic surgeons, like Dr. Paul McCluskey, fit the bill perfectly and know exactly what goes into the administration of Botox.

    Plastic and cosmetic surgeons are trained extensively through medical school and will have the most knowledge on how facial muscles work. Do a background check on the plastic surgeon you are considering and find out crucial details on the practitioner’s education, including, the medical school he/she attended, the residency and the fellowship training that followed.

    Second, choose a veteran surgeon like Atlanta-based Dr. Paul McCluskey, who can fall back on years of experience when administering Botox. It’s fairly simple – the more the experience, the lesser the incidence of Botox being administered inaccurately. Once you have determined the number of years that the plastic surgeon has accumulated, look for a reference. A reference from a friend or a patient is a reliable way to figure out whether a particular plastic surgeon can be relied upon to deliver quality service.

    What can go wrong if Botox is not administered properly?

    Since Botox is not considered to be surgical procedure, many patients tend to think that little can go wrong during its administration. But this is not true. Botox is a procedure that aims to relax certain facial muscles, in order to, reduce lines that crop up due to muscle movement. It also can be used to achieve an eyebrow lift.

    However, if not administered by a qualified plastic surgeon, things can easily go wrong. A Common complaint by patients, who entrusted an unqualified practitioner to administer Botox, includes that of sagging eyebrows, on one or both sides. This only makes the patient look worse. Also, distraught patients have emerged from procedures with drooping or lazy eyelids.

    Around the world, there are millions of satisfied customers who have benefited greatly from Botox and you can be one of them. Just don’t skip on the homework that will help you zero-in on a qualified plastic surgeon who can deliver great results. A seasoned professional, who has received extensive training, possesses an infallible knowledge on facial anatomy and has years of professional experience behind him/her is the right person to administer Botox for you.

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