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    Facelift Surgery Recovery

    Facelift Surgery Recovery | Atlanta, GA | Cosmetic Surgeon | Plastic SurgeryFacelift is a fairly complex procedure performed by a cosmetic surgeon to reduce the signs of aging and achieve facial rejuvenation. The surgeon will practically lift the skin off the face and tighten the loose muscles and tissue underneath. Recovery in a facelift procedure is likely to vary slightly between two patients.

    This can depend on the surgical technique used by the plastic surgeon, the extent of surgery performed, and the natural healing ability of the patient. Dr. Paul McCluskey provides this procedure to his patients in Atlanta, GA and surrounding communities. During the initial consultation, Dr. McCluskey will discuss various aspects of the facelift procedure, including the estimated recovery process.

    Major Aspects in Facelift Recovery

    Facelift recovery will involve several aspects apart from physical recovery, such as social recovery, emotional recovery, and recovery of natural skin sensation. As the procedure involves the facial integrity and identity of a person, the social and emotional aspects of the recovery may become as important as the physical aspects. Recovery period, on average, will range from two to three weeks. The cosmetic surgeon will remove the sutures in about a week or 10 days.

    After the removal of sutures, most patients may be able to return to work, provided it does not involve excessive physical strain. However, if the patient is very keen to keep the procedure discreet, it may be a marvelous idea to stay home for at least two weeks. Some degree of residual swelling will still be present after two weeks, but it can be managed with makeup. Bruising will significantly reduce within a week. Patients with a natural thin face have an advantage because the mild swelling will show as a sort of subtle fullness of the face, and will be less noticeable to others.

    By the third week, the treated areas will improve and mature substantially. Most patients will experience numbness of the skin around the ears, but it will resolve naturally in a few weeks. Mild firmness will occur in areas that support the sutures, but this will not be visible to others. As an experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. McCluskey will provide detailed post-op instructions that should be followed diligently for faster and safer recovery. Patients in Atlanta, GA and other areas have an opportunity to receive facelift procedure from him.

    Recovery Tips

    The patient should refrain from driving for the first three to five days because the mild stiffness in the neck may cause pain when turning the head. The patient should drive only when the course of pain medications has been completed. On a first drive after the procedure, the patient should not drive alone and keep another person along who can manage the situation in case the patient feels tired.

    Patients with very active social engagements will have to make up their mind regarding when to resume their social activities. It will take at least two weeks for the obvious signs of a facial procedure to subside. The patient can adopt subtle changes in hairstyle and makeup to camouflage the visible signs of a facelift procedure.

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