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    Facelift Candidates

    shutterstock_137936729The face is the quintessential part of a person’s identity. However, when the face does not adequately reflect the personality or makes a person look older than they really are, it can be frustrating experience. A cosmetic surgeon may recommend a facelift procedure if the person is unhappy with the tired and worn out look on the face, droopy skin, and conspicuous lines and wrinkles in various parts of the face.

    A facelift procedure is performed by a plastic surgeon with an aim to turn the clock back to a more youthful facial appearance, and allow a person to age more subtly into the future. However, not everyone may be a fantastic candidate for a facelift. Dr. Paul McCluskey is an experienced facelift surgeon in Atlanta, GA, who will evaluate various factors during the initial consultation before recommend a facelift procedure to a patient.

    Who is a Suitable Candidate for a Facelift?

    The cosmetic surgeon will examine the overall health condition, previous surgeries, facial anatomy, current condition of the skin and texture, and the patient’s personal aesthetic goals before arriving at a conclusion about the most appropriate facial procedure. The following specific factors will be considered in depth:

    How elastic is the Facial Skin?

    Best candidates for a facelift surgery are individuals who still have some amount of skin elasticity in the face. If the skin is supple and flexible to an extent, the results with facelift will be more effective. The procedure involves stretching of the facial skin to smooth over the deep lines and wrinkles. Therefore, with a reasonably elastic facial skin, the results will be more natural looking.

    How is the Underlying Bone Structure?

    If the bone structure of the face is proportionate and well-defined, it will allow the plastic surgeon to build support for significant facial improvement. The bone structure will vary from one patient to another, so the surgeon will prepare a customized surgical approach for a facelift.

    General Health Status

    The surgeon will determine the condition of overall health of the patient and looking into the medical history as well. It is important the patient should not suffer from any such condition that could impede the surgical process or cause obstructions in recovery.

    Excess Fat and Skin

    Most candidates with mild to moderate condition of loose skin can benefit from a facelift because the excess skin from the face and neck will be excised during the procedure. Excess fat tissue may be reposition to other areas of the face or removed to achieve a smoother and more proportionate facial appearance.

    Clear Goals and Realistic Expectations

    Patients in the age group of 35 to 70 are usually marvelous candidates for a facelift surgery. Dr. McCluskey in Atlanta, GA assesses the patient’s personal aesthetic goals to ensure that these goals can be met with a facelift procedure. He believes that patients with a positive outlook, clear aesthetic goals, and realistic expectations will usually achieve higher satisfaction levels from a facelift in the end. He also makes sure that the patient’s essential facial integrity is retained while performed a facelift surgery.

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