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    Breast Implant Removal Surgery Preparation

    Breast Implant Removal 

    plastic surgeon 8Thorough preparation is vital to the success of an intricate surgery such as breast implant removal. Patients seeking this procedure should be willing to commit the time and effort it requires to prepare for the pre- and post-surgical phases.  

    Meticulous advance preparation for the surgery will have medical benefits and will enable the patient to go through her procedure and recovery in a relatively pain-free and relaxed manner. Plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey provides breast implant removal to patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and surrounding locations.  

    Pre-Surgery Tests 

    One of the key preparatory steps for breast implant removal surgery is getting blood work done. The surgeon may want to ensure that the patient’s creatinine, electrolytes, hemoglobin, and blood clotting ability are within the optimal range.  

    The patient may also have to undergo an electrocardiogram (EKG) to make sure that her heart is in good health. This test may be necessary if she is above the age of 50. If the EKG or blood work indicates a problem, the surgeon will discuss the safety measures going forward with the patient.  

    Two Weeks Prior to the Surgery 

    Breast implant removal surgery preparation typically begins two weeks prior to the date of the procedure. Patients may start some elements of the preparatory process earlier to avoid any last-minute issues. Timely preparation will ensure that all necessary arrangements are in place well ahead of the surgery. 

    The following advance arrangements should help the patient: 

    • Have a responsible individual to drive you back home following the surgery 
    • Have a family member, friend, or caregiver stay with you overnight after the procedure 
    • Childcare, if needed 
    • Pet care, if needed 

    The patient may have to make a few lifestyle changes well ahead of the breast implant removal surgery. These changes could include: 

    Minimize Alcohol Use 

    Alcohol causes blood thinning. Excessive alcohol consumption in the days leading to the procedure may result in a longer recovery period and increased bruising. The patient should keep sufficiently hydrated prior to her breast implant removal plastic surgery.  

    Stop Smoking 

    Nicotine increases the risks of post-surgical complications and may cause delayed healing. If the patient is a smoker, the surgeon will ask her to quit the habit at least for a few weeks before and after her surgery to prevent any associated medical complications. 

    No Ibuprofen or Aspirin 

    These medications have an effect on the blood clotting ability of the body. If the patient experiences body pain or a headache, she can take Tylenol (acetaminophen) instead of these blood thinning drugs. 

    Discontinue Herbal Supplements 

    Herbal supplements and home remedies such as green tea extract, St. John’s wort, ginseng, ginkgo biloba, and garlic might interfere with anesthesia. The patient should avoid using them for at least two weeks prior to breast implant removal surgery.   

    Night before the Surgery 

    The following things may be recommended: 

    • Shower with antibacterial soap and cleanse the hair 
    • Avoid eating or drinking anything for eight hours prior to the scheduled time of the surgery, including water and chewing 
    • Prepare loose fitting clothes for the surgery day 
    • Take any stress-relieving medication if prescribed by the surgeon 

    Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and nearby areas for breast implant removal. 

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