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    Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery) Before and After Photos

    Atlanta Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery) Before After PhotosBlepharoplasty, a cosmetic surgery performed to add or remove excess fat, muscle or skin above or below the eyes, is gaining popularity. It is also found that it is getting more common among older people – the reason could be that it makes a noticeable difference in the way a person appears. If performed by a good plastic surgeon with precision, an aging face can look considerably younger with this surgery.

    Before blepharoplasty

    If you need excess fat or skin from your upper or lower eyelid, or both eyelids, removed, you can consult a cosmetic surgeon. He/she will not only explain the procedure to you in detail, but also go through your complete medical history. He/she may also like to know if you have any severe medical conditions which might make it difficult to perform blepharoplasty. You must also mention it if you are a smoker.

    Expert surgeons like Dr. Paul McCluskey prefer to take photographs at the time of consultation so that they can study the face and eyes in detail.

    On your part, you should also ask every question that comes to your mind and have all your doubts cleared. You can ask for a complete break-up of the cost of the surgery like consultation charges, tests, anesthesia, operating room charges, the surgeon’s fee and medication.

    You can also ask your surgeon for before and after surgery photos so that you can analyze them and understand what difference the surgery is going to make in your appearance. Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery) Before and After Photos


    After the surgery, you might have your eyes bandaged in loose gauze for the first day. After that you can go home, but make sure there is someone to drive you back home. You need to apply cold compress to your eyes for a few minutes every hour on the first day to reduce swelling of the treated area.

    Your sutures will be removed within a week. You will also be given pain medication as well as lubricating ointment to apply on the treated area.  The bruises of the surgery will reduce within a couple of weeks. The scars may take up to a year to fade away, but some make-up can help.

    You can begin your daily showers right from the day after the procedure. Even shampoo lather or soapy water running on the incisions are nothing to worry about. You can also resume your daily activities and social activities very soon after the surgery. Do remember to avoid strenuous exercises early on as they can aggravate bruising after the surgery.

    Getting blepharoplasty done in Atlanta, GA is not a very difficult proposition in the present times. All you need is to find a reputed and trustworthy surgeon who will give your eyes and your face a younger a fresher look with this simple procedure. You can thoroughly check some before and after photos before you decide where you would want to have blepharoplasty done – it is among the most effective and reliable ways to arrive at the right decision.

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