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    Your Eyelid Surgery Consultation

    Your Eyelid Surgery Consultation | Roswell Plastic Surgery | AtlantaOnce a person has decided to receive eyelid surgery and selected a cosmetic surgeon for the procedure, they will have to go through a detailed pre-op consultation. The consultation constitutes a key part of the treatment process, and lays the foundation for a successful eyelid surgery. Based on the inputs received during the consultation, the surgeon will prepare a customized surgical plan.

    Dr. Paul McCluskey is an experienced plastic surgeon providing eyelid surgery and various other cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Dr. McCluskey will closely engage with the patient during the consultation, and address all their doubts and concerns to help them make an informed decision. He provides eyelid surgery to patients in Atlanta, GA and surrounding locations.


    Educating the Patient

    At the time of initial consultation, the surgeon will educate the patient about various aspects of eyelid surgery and discuss different treatment options and techniques. The benefits and limitations of each technique as well as the costs will also be informed. During the consultation process, the patient should feel free to ask questions and learn as much as possible about the procedure and the surgeon’s background.


    Surgical Plan

    To create a customized eyelid surgery plan, the cosmetic surgeon will encourage the patient to share their intrinsic aesthetic needs and goals related to eye appearance. It is important for the surgeon to understand what precisely about the eye appearance may be bothering the patient. An evaluation of the eye anatomy, facial structure and the patient’s personal goals will help the surgeon to create a customized surgical plan.


    Health Assessment

    The surgeon will review the patient’s detailed medical records to determine their candidacy for eyelid surgery. The skin type and amount of skin and muscle laxity in the eye area will be examined and any possible untreated eye infection will also be checked. The patient will be required to provide precise information about their smoking or drinking habits, and any prescription or non-prescription medications that may be currently using.

    If the patient has previous undergone an eye procedure, including LASIK, they should inform the surgeon about it. Additional diagnostic tests may be ordered in some cases or medical clearance from the patient’s general physician may be sought. Patients in Atlanta, GA and nearby areas have an opportunity to receive cutting edge eyelid surgery procedures from dedicated plastic surgeon Dr. McCluskey.


    Preparation and Recovery Instructions

    Detailed instructions for pre-operative preparation and post-operative recovery will be provided. If the patient is a smoker, they will be asked to quit the habit for at least a specified time period prior to the eyelid surgery. Some of the current prescription or non-prescription drugs, including vitamins and herbal supplements may be stopped or their schedule may be altered.

    The surgeon will suggest to the patient to make advance arrangements for transportation to home after the surgery. The patient may also apply for leave from work depending the estimated recovery period advised by the surgeon. If required, the patient may also arrange for aftercare for a few days following the eyelid surgery.

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