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    Your Buttock Augmentation Surgery Consultation

    Your Buttock Augmentation Surgery Consultation | AtlantaA buttock augmentation procedure can be performed by a cosmetic surgeon using autologous fat transfer or synthetic butt implants. The decision will depend on the extent of buttock enhancement required, the availability of excess donor tissue in the patient’s body, and the surgeon’s recommendation according to the patient’s personal requirements.

    These issues will be closely discussed during a comprehensive consultation process, which will create the foundation for a successful buttock augmentation surgery. The consultation will provide an opportunity to the patient to learn about the essential aspects of the procedure as well as the surgeon’s practice.

    The patient should feel free to ask questions and clear all their doubts and concerns during the consultation. The consultation will ideally be scheduled well ahead of the actual surgery so that the patient gets the necessary time to prepare for the procedure.

    Outstanding and perspicacious plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey provides buttock augmentation to patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and surrounding communities in this part of the country.


    Health Assessment

    Evaluating the candidate’s medical condition is a vital part of the pre-op consultation process. The patient should be in a position to safely go through sedation or anesthesia and the surgical process. The cosmetic surgeon will review the patient’s past medical records as well as examine their general health and skin condition. In some cases, a few medical tests may also be ordered to determine candidacy.


    Information Disclosure  

    During the consultation, the patient will be required to disclose full information regarding any underlying health issues as well as any specific lifestyle habits such as smoking, drinking or drugs. To save time, the patient should prepare a list of all the prescription and non-prescription medications that they may be currently taking, and carry the list to the surgeon’s office for the consultation.


    Anatomical Evaluation

    The surgeon will examine the anatomy of the patient’s posterior during the consultation, and assess the amount of spare fat tissue available in donor areas such as the abdomen, thighs, or upper arms. The patient’s skin type, thickness of the skin and tissue laxity in the buttocks as well as donor sites will also be evaluated.


    Customized Surgery Plan

    Based on the patient’s health condition and their anatomical and personal cosmetic needs, the surgeon will create a customized buttock augmentation plan that is tailored to meet those needs. They will determine the type of surgical technique, the location and size of incisions, and the degree of butt enhancement required. A detailed consultation process allows the surgeon to create the best plan that can produce targeted outcomes in a less invasive manner.


    Other Key Tasks

    The surgeon may perform a few more key tasks at the time of initial consultation, which could include taking pictures of the patient’s current buttock appearance, apprising the patient about alternative treatment options and costs, sharing butt augmentation before and after images of other patients, and providing detailed instructions about preparation and recovery.

    The patient should also ask questions related to the costs, insurance and financing during the consultation. Tremendous and committed plastic surgeon Dr. McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and other cities and communities in this part of the amazing state of Georgia for buttock augmentation.

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