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    Women Feel Plastic Surgery Helps them Stay Competitive at the Workplace

    women in businessPlastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta is a state of the art practice for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face, breast, and body. Dr. Paul McCluskey, an experienced plastic surgeon, leads the practice in Atlanta, GA. Elective plastic surgery procedures have gained a greater acceptance and popularity in recent decades due to the evolution of safer and more effective surgical technologies.

    Interestingly, cosmetic surgery has seen a surge in demand from working women in the past few years. Their primary goal for aesthetic procedures appears to be the benefits that it seems to provide to their career and job prospects. There is a growing need among these women to look refreshed and more youthful, just to be able to compete more effectively at the workplace.

    Do Looks Really Matter at the Workplace?

    A large section of the working women is willing to go with the notion that performance alone may not be enough, and looks do matter at a certain level in the workplace. If the face appears tired or old, even the woman’s energy levels at work may be quite high, it seems to be an increasingly unacceptable proposition among working women. A whole new generation of working women seems to have cropped up that works hard on maintaining a vibrant appearance, and even choose plastic surgery procedures to fulfill that goal.

    Any experienced cosmetic surgeon in Atlanta, GA or other states may be receiving a growing number of requests from professional women in their 40s or 50s to advise suitable procedures to make them look better. Most women in this segment are not really interested in a drastic makeover that makes them look substantially younger or more attractive. Their main concern is to maintain their current appearance so that the signs of aging do not become more conspicuous than what they already are. They are not ready to be perceived as “too old” by their employers as yet, especially if plastic surgery can help them look and feel better.

    Non-surgical Cosmetic Options

    Plastic surgery procedures are more in demand because of their significant and longer lasting impact on the appearance. However, a growing number of working women are looking for non-surgical cosmetic treatment options. With FDA clearance and approvals in place a number of non-surgical cosmetic procedures, women are choosing dermal fillers, Botox, chemical peels, laser skin rejuvenation and even innovative skin tightening techniques involving ultrasound, radio frequency, and fat cell freezing.

    Safety and convenience are key factors that govern the choice of a procedure for many working women. For instance, a plastic surgeon in Atlanta, who provides Botox treatment, may be able to schedule a lunch hour appointment for working women who are unable to afford time off from work. The entire procedure can be completed within a few minutes, and the woman can simply be back at the workplace after the lunch hour is over. With no or little downtime involved and very low risk of complications, non-surgical options suit the needs of women who have a very busy work schedule.

    Surgical Options for Lasting Benefits

    Middle aged working women may be more inclined for plastic surgery procedures because the outcomes can be more satisfying and long lasting. Many working women in their middle age are not keen to ‘overdo’ their face or other parts of the body with plastic surgery. Their goal in most cases is to restore a healthy looking and rejuvenated appearance. They are happy to look their own age – as long as that means looking their vibrant and healthiest best for their age. Many such women, in fact, request their plastic surgeon to suggest less invasive surgeries that will not bring a very dramatic or obvious change in their appearance.

    They would rather be happy to soften the depth of their facial, wrinkles and creases, rather than have them removed substantially with an extensive facelift. Liposuction, breast lift, facelift, rhinoplasty, and forehead lift are the procedures of choice for many working women in their forties and fifties. For a cosmetic surgeon, it becomes important to understand the intrinsic needs and goals of the patient before recommending the appropriate cosmetic surgery procedures.

    ASPS Survey

    An American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) survey of 756 women aged between 18 and 64 years revealed in 2009 that an increasing number of women believe that plastic surgery can help them cope better with the challenges of a tough economy. Three in five respondents said that looks play a part in finding a job, receiving a promotion, or even finding new clients. 13 percent of the respondents specifically considered cosmetic treatments to make them more competitive at the workplace.

    Source of Survey: ASPS Press Release

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