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    What can I Expect if I get Pregnant after Liposuction?

    What can I Expect if I get Pregnant after Liposuction? | AtlantaThe new body shape will be more or less permanent after liposuction. If the patient puts on a moderate amount of weight following the procedure, their figure will simply become a slightly bigger version of their new body shape.

    Plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey provides liposuction to patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and surrounding locations.


    Pregnancy Effects following Liposuction Surgery

    Certain women may be concerned about their liposuction surgery effects if they conceive in the future. In general, patients can feel confident that pregnancy will not permanently change the body contouring results attained with liposuction.

    In case a woman receives liposuction and becomes pregnant subsequently, gives birth, and then loses the excess weight gained during the pregnancy, her original liposuction outcomes will return. In most cases, it will appear as if she not been through a post-lipo pregnancy at all.

    But female liposuction candidates should understand that their ideal objective should be to select a cosmetic surgery procedure when they do not have plans to become pregnant in the future. Pregnancy can cause cellulite, stretch marks, and loose skin in the breast, abdominal, thigh, and butt areas. These cosmetic concerns are not related to liposuction.

    Liposuction is a procedure for fat reduction and body sculpting, which will improve the shape and figure of the patient. However, it does not significantly affect the quality of skin texture, eliminate stretch marks or cellulite, or tighten loose skin.


    Liposuction after Final Pregnancy

    Some women may develop stubborn fatty pockets in the abdominal area because of numerous pregnancies.

    If a candidate decides to undergo liposuction after her last baby, she can expect an excellent improvement in the abdomen shape. Patients may be able to avoid the more invasive tummy tuck procedure and attain a flatter and more youthful looking abdomen with liposuction following their last pregnancy.


    Permanent Fat Cell Reduction

    Liposuction cosmetic surgery removes fat cells, and once these cells are eliminated, they cannot re-grow. The human body does not typically generate new fat cells after puberty, even if the person puts on a moderate amount of weight. This means that whatever fat cells are removed with liposuction will be eliminated forever.

    If the patient does not gain excessive amount of weight following pregnancy, her slimmer, new figure attained with liposuction will be permanent. But the patient should understand that the fat cells that still remain in the body following lipo can grow bigger in size if she puts on a serious amount of weight.

    On top of this, the natural process of aging over the years leads to normal changes in the body shape. However, they can be assured that the cosmetic advantages of liposuction will always be visible as long as they follow a balanced diet and exercise regimen.

    Eating lots of food that is not healthy and not exercising properly can easily negate the effects of liposuction.


    When do the Outcomes become Visible?

    A majority of patients will be able to attain 90 percent of their final liposuction results in around three months after the surgery. The post-op inflammation will resolve slowly over several months depending on the extent of surgery and the type of liposuction technique used.

    After the inflammation resolves fully, the complete results of the liposuction will become apparent. Plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and nearby areas for liposuction.

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