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    The Nature of a Buttock Enhancement (Butt Lift)

    A butt lift surgery can help people who are unhappy with the appearance of their buttocks due to their shape or size or the presence of saggy skin.shutterstock_42670627

    This is an effective procedure for people who have lost significant amounts of weight and feel that their buttocks do not have an appealing shape or for individuals who merely want to enhance the appearance of their rears.

    The butt lift surgery can be individualized to accommodate the unique requirements and desires of each patient. Patients with significant sagging skin may consider a traditional excisional butt lift while patients who want to enhance their backsides subtly may choose the more popular Brazilian butt lift.

    Regardless of the technique, a butt lift surgical procedure can offer patients a firmer and sexier butt.

    Similar to many plastic surgeries, a butt lift procedure can be performed independently or along with other procedures as part of a more detailed body contouring plan. Successful plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey provides buttock enhancement surgery to patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and surrounding locations in this sparkling region of the country.

    Butt Lift Procedure

    Traditional butt lift surgery is an extensive procedure which the cosmetic surgeon will usually perform under general anesthesia or local anesthesia and sedation to ensure that the patient remains safe and comfortable during the butt enhancement procedure.

    The cosmetic surgeon will commence this procedure by placing an incision into the patient’s butt to manually eliminate the thin fat layers (excessive fat will make the patient ineligible for this surgery), skin, and tissue. Furthermore, the surgeon may also make the underlying muscles tighter and place sutures deep within the tissue to hold the butt in an uplifted position.

    Traditional butt lift surgery has four types of techniques depending on the incision that the surgeon places to treat the sagging (ptosis):

    • The upper butt lift is a more intricate surgery where the cosmetic surgeon places incisions across the contours of the upper part of the buttocks. They will then use this incision to reach the underlying tissue to eliminate or reposition any surplus tissue for a more appealing look.
    • If the patient only has mild to moderate sagging in the buttocks, the surgeon can remove tissue from the bottom part of the butt to eliminate any undesirable tissue and shift the bottom of the buttocks upward.
    • The “butterfly” butt lift derives its name from the incision that the cosmetic surgeon places from the buttock’s central crease up and outward. This procedure can tighten lax tissue but typically cannot lift or reposition the backside.
    • The surgeon can incise laterally on the side of each buttock to minimize scarring and eliminate mild sagginess in the hips and buttock edges.


    Following a butt lift, the skin and tissue in this area will need to heal adequately to offer dramatic outcomes. The patient will need to see their surgeon for follow-up appointments, follow their guidelines for recovery, and give themselves sufficient time to rest to be able to enjoy their new backside.

    Committed plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and nearby areas in the Empire State of the South for buttock enhancement surgery.

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