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    Buttock Enhancement (Butt Lift) Surgery Risks and Safety

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    A butt lift cosmetic surgery can be individualized to accommodate the unique requirements of each patient and provide desirable results.

    It is possible to achieve a sexy, voluptuous butt with this procedure. However, like any surgery, buttock enhancement involves some amount of risk.

    The surgeon will explain the potential risks during the initial consultation to help the patient make an informed choice. Successful plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey provides buttock enhancement (butt lift) surgery to patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and surrounding communities in this supreme state of Georgia.

    Common Risks

    A butt lift surgery is a relatively safe and predictable procedure. However, as with any surgery, it carries some inherent risks such as:


    There is a possibility of the surgical sites becoming infected in case the surgical instruments were not appropriately sterilized or if the patient did not clean their wounds as directed by the surgeon.

    If the patient experiences persistent pain, redness, fever, yellow or green discharge, or a foul smell coming from the surgical site, they should reach out to their surgeon immediately.


    Scarring is minimal in a Brazilian butt lift cosmetic surgery. However, traditional butt lift incisions may produce slightly more significant scars. These will fade away over a period of time and should be placed discreetly. In any case, the patient should be prepared for some scarring if they are considering a butt lift surgery.

    Reabsorbed Fat

    In case of a Brazilian butt lift or fat transfer during a traditional butt lift, some injected fat may be reabsorbed. This can impact the outcomes of the procedure. But the risk of reabsorption can be made minimal by choosing an expert butt lift surgeon and not putting any strain on the butt for two weeks after the surgery.

    The use of surgical techniques involving smaller injections in different regions of healthy tissue can maximize fat absorption as well.

    Revision Surgery or Additional Procedures

    A majority of butt lift procedures are successful. However, unexpected situations, low-quality surgical work, or complications may lead to undesirable outcomes. In such cases, the patient may require revision surgery to achieve their aesthetic goals.

    Fluid Accumulation (Seroma)

    The patient can experience fluid accumulation under their incisions due to damage to blood vessels, cells, and tissues. This can lead to painful inflammation and increase the probability of developing an infection. It is important to undertake proper drain and incision care to reduce seroma risks.

    Excessive Bleeding

    The patient may experience excessive bleeding because of inappropriately sutured incisions, poor healing, or anticoagulant meds. The patient should refrain from vigorous activity in the initial month following the butt lift to minimize their risks for bleeding.

    Tissue Necrosis

    Sometimes modifications to the tissues can restrict their nutritional and blood supply causing these tissues to die. These compromised cells can lead to skin discoloration, irregularities, and stiffness. The surgeon may need to extract the dead tissue surgically to resolve this problem.

    Prolonged Sensation Loss

    The patient will experience some amount of numbness in the butt tissue after the surgery. This is normal, and the sensation typically returns slowly. But if nerves sustain damage during the surgery, the patient may face a prolonged or permanent sensation loss.

    Blood Clotting

    Placing incisions on the skin could cause blood clotting (hematoma) or even lead to substantial blood clots clumping in the legs (thrombosis). These clots can be fatal if they reach the brain, lungs, or heart.

    Devoted plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and other cities and towns in this part of the country for buttock enhancement surgery.

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