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    Rhinoplasty Revision Surgery Cost

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    Atlanta Plastic Surgery | Rhinoplasty Revision Surgery CostEver dreamed of having the perfect nose like celebrities? Though you cant really do much to change the appearance of your nose but your plastic surgeon can certainly do that. If you have always longed for a sharp, beautiful nose, you can make your dream come true with cosmetic surgery. Rhinoplasty, more commonly known as a “nose job”, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that involves reshaping and reconstructing the nose. It can improve the shape and appearance of your nose, making you look more attractive and boosting your self-confidence.

    When is revision rhinoplasty surgery needed?

    Sometimes a second rhinoplasty is required when the original rhinoplasty procedure does not fulfill or satisfy the desires of the people who undergo it, or to correct or modify the results of the original rhinoplasty. This procedure is called revision rhinoplasty. Revision rhinoplasty helps correct inadequate healing of the nose from the original surgery. Cartilage from the nasal septum and ear is harvested and used to reconstruct the defect in the nose. Revision rhinoplasty is always more complex than the original surgery, but worth the effort. Just like rhinoplasty, you can opt for revision rhinoplasty if you are physically fit, and preferably a non-smoker.

    Cost of rhinoplasty revision surgery

    The average price for revision rhinoplasty is approximately $8,450. Besides the cost of the actual surgery, it also depends on factors such as anesthesia cost, operating room costs, experience of the surgeon, and other miscellaneous expenses. Post surgery medical tests and prescription drugs would also form part of the cost of the revision nose surgery. Of course, it varies according to different plastic surgeons in different countries. Some other factors that influence the cost of revision rhinoplasty are as follows:

    • The nature, extent and complexity of the corrections that need to be done
    • The experience, credibility and expertise of the plastic surgeon
    • The amount of time that will be required to make the corrections
    • The requirement to harvest different types of grafts to perform the corrective surgery

    Of course, cost is not the only deciding factor while planning to go for revision rhinoplasty. More importantly, it is crucial to select a surgeon who is an expert at revision rhinoplasty, and who can give you the results you are looking for from the procedure. The cost can start from $8,000, and go anywhere up to a maximum of $15,000. But sometimes the revision is a minor job and can be performed immediately under local anesthesia. Sometimes, the cosmetic surgeon will correct any abnormalities which he/she didn’t previously address properly with no additional charges. Insurance can cover some of the cost in case of a deviated septum or any other kind of nasal obstruction.

    Renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul McCluskey founded the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta, GA. He is a specialist in cosmetic and plastic surgery. As revision rhinoplasty is a complex and delicate procedure requiring immense competence and skill, it is important to approach someone as experienced as Dr. Paul McCluskey for this surgery.

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