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    Step by Step: Lip Augmentation Recovery

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    Lip Augmentation has become a huge trend thanks to celebrities like Kylie Jenner and when performed correctly is an extremely safe procedure that adds youth and volume to lips.

    There are several techniques for performing Lip Augmentation than include fat transfer, implants and injectable fillers such as Juvéderm. Injectabe fillers are the most popular choice offering results that last for six to nine months and an extremely quick procedure with no downtime.

    This patient decided to undergo Lip Augmentation of the upper lip using Juvéderm to create a more balanced look to her lips. She kindly documented her experience of the healing process and is thrilled with her results!

    Before the Lip Augmentation this patient felt that her upper lip was too thin and lacked volume.

    lipaug1Immediately after injection you can see this patient experienced swelling of the injected site which is typical of this procedure.

    lipaug2Three days after the Lip Augmentation slight bruising became visible around the upper lip that was easily covered by makeup and swelling was still present.

    lipaug3Two weeks after the procedure bruising has completely disappeared and some slight swelling remained.

    lipaug4Twenty-eight days after the injection this patient was completely recovered and loved her results!


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    Thanks to celebrities like Kylie Jenner the number of patients looking for the perfect pout is greater than ever! And thanks to products like Juvederm XC we are able to offer the safest and most effective way to achieve fuller lips. In the caring hands of plastic surgeon Dr McCluskey you can expect beautiful, natural looking results with attention to detail and to the fullness that each individual patient desires.



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