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    How Much Does Liposuction Cost in Atlanta?

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    Liposuction Cost Atlanta | Plastic Surgery | Cosmetic Surgeon Laser LipoLiposuction is a procedure performed by a cosmetic surgeon to reduce excess fat deposits from targeted areas in the body. The procedure may be combined with various other body contouring surgeries to achieve more comprehensive outcomes in a relatively less invasive manner.

    Dr. Paul McCluskey in Atlanta, GA is an experienced plastic surgeon providing liposuction surgery. During the initial consultation, he will discuss various aspects of the surgery with his patients, including the cost aspect.

    Factors Affecting Cost

    Liposuction cost may vary from one practice to another as well as from one patient to another at the same practice. A number of factors will go into determining the final price.

    Location of the Practice

    The cost of living index will typically differ between two geographical regions. This index can influence the average cost of most types of products and services, including the services provided by a cosmetic surgeon. For instance, the cost of liposuction in Atlanta, GA may not be the same as the cost in, say, San Francisco, CA.

    Fee Charged by the Surgeon

    The plastic surgeon may charge a fee according to their academic qualifications, training, experience, and recognition in the field of cosmetic surgery. As per the recommendations of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), patients should opt for the best surgeon for their needs, and surgeon’s fee should be considered only as a secondary factor in such a choice.

    Operating Room and Anesthesia Costs

    The surgeon may decide to perform liposuction using general anesthesia or intravenous sedation, depending on the case. Anesthesiologist’s fee can differ on the basis of their skills and experience. Surgical facility costs will depend to an extent on the kind of technologies, equipment, experience staff and personalized services are provided at a particular place.

    Nature of Surgery

    Liposuction procedure is fairly customizable, and it may involve one part of the body or multiple areas. A minor liposuction could involve small areas such as cheeks, neck, knees, or ankles. Major areas could include abdominal area, buttocks, thighs, and calves. The choice of technique may include the use of lasers, ultrasound, or other technologies. The length and complexity of the procedure will make a difference to the overall cost.

    Average Cost of Procedure

    As per the statistics released by the ASPS for 2013, the average cost of liposuction surgery in the United States was $2,866. However, the ASPS clarified that this cost does not cover the costs of anesthesia, operating room costs, and other related expenses.

    The final cost of the procedure will depend on the extent and nature of treatment and other factors. If liposuction is performed in conjunction with other plastic surgery procedures, the cost may reduce as a part of a package.

    Insurance and Finance

    Liposuction costs are not covered under health insurance, unless the procedure is performed for a specific medical purpose. Patients should explore various financing options such as personal loans, bank loans, credit card extended payments, and loans through medical care finance companies. The surgeon’s office may be able to provide guidance or assistance with regard to insurance and financing.

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    Liposuction Surgery Atlanta | Lipo  Plastic Surgery | Cosmetic SurgeonLiposuction is a procedure performed by a cosmetic surgeon to reduce excess fat deposits from specific parts of the body, and improve the body contour and proportion. The procedure effectively reshapes and reduces such pockets in the body where stubborn fats do not respond to diet or exercise. Dr. Paul McCluskey is an experienced plastic surgeon providing liposuction procedure to his patients in and around Atlanta, GA.

    Areas of Treatment

    Liposuction can be performed in various areas of the body that are typically vulnerable to the deposition of excess fat tissue. These localized fat pocket areas may include the following:

    • Thighs
    • Hips and buttocks
    • Abdomen and waist
    • Upper arms
    • Back
    • Inner knee
    • Chest area
    • Cheeks, chin and neck
    • Calves and ankles

    Liposuction is one of the unique procedures that can easily be performed along with several other types of procedures performed by a cosmetic surgeon. However, liposuction also has its limitations, and patients should be clear what it can or cannot do for them. It is not a weight reduction procedure, and it is not an effective solution to reduce cellulite. As an experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. McCluskey will explain all aspects of liposuction with his patients in Atlanta, GA during the initial consultation.


    The liposuction procedure involves surgical insertion of tiny, slender tubes or cannula through small incisions made discreetly in targeted areas of the body. Excess fat is suctioned out through the cannula as the surgeon moves them underneath the skin to dislodge specific fat deposits. Some of the key techniques to perform liposuction today include the following:

    Tumescent Liposuction

    This technique involves the injecting of a significant amount of lidocaine local anesthetic solution into the targeted fatty tissue before the traditional liposuction can be performed. This technique usually helps in the avoidance of general anesthesia during the procedure.

    Ultrasound Liposuction

    This innovative technique involves the use of ultrasound energy to liquefy the stubborn fat cells, which makes them easier to dislodge. The surgeon may use this technique to remove unwanted fats from the upper abdominal area, sides, and back.

    Laser Liposuction

    Low energy laser beams are aimed at the targeted fat deposits in this technique. The intense laser energy helps liquefy the fat, which is then removed through a tiny cannula. Laser liposuction makes the treatment relatively less invasive compared to traditional techniques.

    Recovery and Results

    The length of the recovery in case of liposuction will depend on the type of technique used, the areas of treatment and the patient’s natural ability to heal. The treated areas will be wrapped firmly in elastic bandage to help reduce bruising and swelling. The compression garment may have to be worn for about three to four weeks.

    Most people are able to get up and move immediately after the procedure, once the effects of anesthesia or sedation have disappeared. On average, it takes about a week to 10 days before the patient can return to work or perform other light activities normally. Results of liposuction are long lasting, providing the patient maintains an active lifestyle and a balanced and healthy diet.

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