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    Rhinoplasty Revision Surgery Recovery Time

    Rhinoplasty Revision Surgery Recovery Time | Roswell Cosmetic SurgeryRhinoplasty revision surgery is usually a more complicated procedure than the primary nose surgery. Therefore, the recovery time may also be a little longer in this case. Recovery is an important part of the procedure, and the process should not be taken lightly. The cosmetic surgeon will discuss all aspects of rhinoplasty, including the estimated time for full recovery and results.

    If the patient diligently follows the surgeon’s recovery instructions, it will improve their chances for a safer and faster recovery. Patients in Atlanta, GA and surrounding locations have an opportunity to receive rhinoplasty revision surgery and various other procedures from plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey.


    Immediate Post-Operative Phase

    The patient will have to spend some time in the recovery room following revision rhinoplasty until they are ready to go home. Minor difficulties in breathing through the nose will be experienced. A splint may be applied externally with soft packing in the nostrils. The packing will be removed by the cosmetic surgeon in about three to five days, while the splint is typically removed a week after the surgery.


    First 48 Hours

    The first 24 to 48 hours are typically the most difficult part of the recovery. Mild lingering effects of anesthesia and mild pain in the incision areas may occur. The plastic surgeon may prescribe medication for pain management. Bruising, swelling, headache and nosebleeds are some of the concerns that the patient may have to deal with during the initial recovery period.

    The patient should get plenty of rest during the first 48 hours, and keep the head elevated while resting in bed. Short walks in the home are encouraged, but any strenuous activity should be avoided. The patient must refrain from blowing nose in the initial phase to enable safe healing. Dr. McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, GA and nearby areas for revision rhinoplasty.


    Recovery after One Week

    The surgeon will review the progress of healing after the first week of revision rhinoplasty. Bruising will subside rapidly during this phase, and swelling will also mitigate. Many patients can go back to work or resume their normal routine at home after the first week. Vigorous exercises and lifting of heavy weights should, however, be avoided for about two to three weeks.

    Airline travel may also not be advisable immediately following the surgery. The advantages of revision rhinoplasty vastly outweigh the discomfort that the patient may experience in the days and weeks following the procedure. Most of the post-operative effects are mild and will subside in about two weeks or less.

    The patient should, however, be aware that some minor swelling after revision rhinoplasty is likely to persist for several months. The final results of the procedure may not be visible for up to a year. Follow-up appointments with the surgeon should be scheduled at periodic intervals in the weeks and months following the surgery.

    Apart from the scheduled follow-ups, the patient should feel free to contact the surgeon or visit them if they have any specific concerns or signs of abnormality in the treated area during the recovery phase.


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