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    Remove Unwanted Spider Veins With Asclera (Video)

    Asclera is a simple injection to reduce the appearance of spider or thread veins. The procedure usually takes only 15-45 minutes, depending on the patients goals, and the patient can go straight back to work. With such a short visit to the office and minimal downtime it’s easy see why women are loving their Asclera treatments!

    Watch below as the thread veins disappear in a matter of seconds!

    Recovery is simple, the patient must wear compression garments on the area for 2-3 days and then for the following 2-3 weeks just during the day. For only three days following treatment avoid heavy exercise, long plane journeys, sunbathing or hot baths then you are free to get back to your usual routine! That’s why this is the perfect time to schedule your Asclera treatment at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta and prepare to show off flawless, beautiful legs this summer.

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