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    Questions to Ask Your Buttock Enhancement (Butt Lift) Plastic Surgeon

    The butt lift is a popular and trending cosmetic surgery procedure today. Various celebrities and models have led women to aspire for a curvaceous physique, leading to the butt lift becoming an increasingly sought-after procedure for women wishing to enhance their figures.

    It is essential to understand various aspects of the procedure before a patient decides to undergo a buttock enhancement surgery.

    Patients should freely ask questions during the initial consultation with the surgeon. Reliable plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey provides buttock enhancement (butt lift) surgery to patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and surrounding locations in the profound state of Georgia.

    Key Questions to Ask Your Surgeon

    Is a butt lift surgery suitable for me?

    Not everyone is an ideal candidate for a butt lift. An experienced surgeon can help you decide if this procedure is appropriate for you. Ideal butt lift cosmetic surgery candidates are in good overall health with an adequate amount of fat in the donor sites (such as the abdomen or thighs) to retrieve for enhancing their buttocks.

    It is judicious to consider butt enhancement alternatives such as buttock implants when considering a butt lift. A consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon can help you find the answer to all your surgery related questions and decide which procedure is likely to give you the best results.

    What is the procedure for a butt lift?

    The butt lift comprises three different parts, namely liposuction, fat processing, and fat injection. The cosmetic surgeon should offer the patient in-depth information on the process and address their questions thoroughly to ensure that they feel confident in the surgery.

    What is the time taken for the surgery?

    The patient can plan effectively for the day of the surgery if they understand how much time it will take to perform the procedure and when they can reasonably expect to be sent back home.

    The surgeon should inform the patient on the specificities of the surgery and what they can expect on the day of the procedure during the pre-op consultation process.

    What should I expect during the recovery period?

    Every patient heals differently. The body will take its own time to heal. However, a broad understanding of what to expect during the recovery period can help the patient plan when to receive the butt lift and when they can resume their routine post-surgery.

    A butt lift will require adequate healing time. Patients should schedule the butt lift a few weeks before a special event, such as a vacation on the beach or an upcoming wedding.

    What outcomes can I expect?

    The butt lift offers outcomes that look natural and enhance the overall physique. The waist to hip ratio is a vital parameter in accomplishing ideal outcomes that showcase the body’s balanced contours.

    The surgeon will discuss the patient’s expectations from the surgery during the pre-op consultation to make sure that the outcomes align with their expectations.

    How long will the outcome be sustained?

    Some of the injected fat will be absorbed by the body naturally. This is a routine part of the healing process. But the results can sustain for a fairly long time with this surgery. Prudent plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and nearby areas in the pretty Peach State for buttock enhancement surgery.

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