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    Questions to Ask Your Rhinoplasty Surgeon

    Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Surgery Atlanta | Plastic Surgeon | SurgeryThe success of any medical procedure depends on how well the communication is between the doctor and the patient. Full disclosure of a patient’s expectations and past helps the doctor choose the right treatment option while all pros and cons being discussed with the patients ensure they are aware of what they should do before and after a surgery is performed. In the world cosmetic and plastic surgeries too, this rule holds equal importance. After all, one has to live with that surgically corrected nose all life!

    Questions to ask your plastic surgeon

    Rhinoplasty is the procedure wherein a person’s nose is corrected in shape and/or size for cosmetic and/or medical purposes. People who are unable to breathe freely due to a crooked septum (the central ridge inside the nose that divides the nostrils) find this as important as a person who has broken his nose during a soccer game. No matter what the cause of the surgery is, all patients must ask a few basic questions before getting the surgery done, such as:

    1. How much does it cost and is any of it covered by insurance?
    2. What should be done in terms of food and supplements consumed and what changes to lifestyles are required before and after surgery?
    3. Where the procedure will be done?
    4. How shall it be done – closed (within the nostrils) or open (through the tiny strip of skin between the nostrils at the base of the nose?
    5. How the incisions shall be made – which depends on what results are expected by the patient
    6. Should the nostrils be made wider post-surgery?
    7. How the nose would look after the surgery?
    8. Would the breathing problems be reduced or are any more procedures required?
    9. Is the plastic surgeon performing the procedure certified to do so and how well does he do it? Does he have experience in doing these surgeries?


    How is the surgery done?

    Depending on the discussions between the patient and the surgeon, the amount of work to be done is decided by the cosmetic surgeon. Rhinoplasty is quite a simple procedure. Its most important steps are:

    1. Your cosmetic surgeon will decide if the incision is to be within the nostril or outside
    2. Once the incision is made, the places to be corrected are identified. It may be the cartilage, the septum, the nostrils or the tissues within the nose.
    3. Septums that are crooked or dented can be corrected by re-aligning the cartilage there.
    4. Where required, cartilage is to be added (The cartilage is taken from the ear or, very rarely, from the patient’s ribcage).
    5. If the nose is too thick, removal or cartilage or the tissues is done.
    6. On the corrected structure then, the nose’s outer skin and tissues are replaced and bound well. This ensures the nose shape remains intact post-surgery and heals quickly.


    To avoid suffering from any post-surgery risks such as bleeding or breathing problems, make sure you visit reputed surgeons such as Dr. Paul McCluskey . He operates in Atlanta, GA and has knowledge as well  experience of this procedure. Several people have benefited with better looks with a simple procedure such as rhinoplasty.

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