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    Preparing for Thigh Lift Plastic Surgery

    Preparing for Thigh Lift Plastic Surgery | Buckhead | Roswell | Marietta Focusing on health and fitness and planning for thigh lift surgery and recovery in the weeks preceding the procedure can maximize the chances for excellent outcomes. The cosmetic surgeon will provide tips and guidelines for preparation at the time of initial consultation.

    Thigh lift is a major procedure, and the patient should have the commitment to follow the surgeon’s advice and prepare well for the procedure. Prolific plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey provides thigh lift to patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and other neighborhoods and cities in this part of the landscape.


    Preparation for the Surgery

    • Stop smoking and minimize drinking for a specified time period prior to the thigh lift surgery.
    • Refrain from taking certain drugs and supplements as advised by the cosmetic surgeon.
    • Clean thighs properly to maintain skin health and minimize the risk of infection in the thigh area. This risk is higher for people with sagging thighs.
    • Stay sufficiently hydrated, and eat a balanced diet, with an increased intake of lean proteins to help support post-operative healing. This is not the time to eat a medium sized pizza all by yourself or attempt to out drink your neighbor with that 12 pack he just bought. Say no to this!
    • Sleep adequately in the days and weeks preceding the thigh lift surgery and keep the body well-rested.
    • Exercise regularly and maintain a stable body weight prior to the thigh lift surgery. An active and healthy lifestyle will have to be maintained after the surgery to ensure long-term benefits of the procedure.
    • Get the imaging or lab tests completed, if ordered by the surgeon. These may be necessary to determine candidacy and prepare a customized thigh lift surgery plan.
    • Arrange for a friend or family member to provide aftercare for a few days following the surgery. Regularly emptying the drain tubes, taking prescribed medications, and moving around the home will become easier if the patient initially has someone to assist.
    • Arrange for someone to drive the patient back home safely after the thigh lift surgery.


    Preparation for Recovery

    Make advance preparation for recovery, including purchase of supplies such as bandages and gauze, and compression garments. Fill prescriptions for painkillers, antibiotics, anticoagulants, and any other drugs the patient may need to undergo and recover from surgery.

    It will be more difficult to arrange for medications after the surgery, and no patient would want to wait for painkillers if they are uncomfortable. If the surgeon provides medications at the office as part of the surgical package, this step will be necessary.

    Apply for leave in advance for one to two weeks after thigh lift surgery. The patient will initially find it difficult to sit or perform various physical activities, and should stay confined to home until the initial healing improves.

    Make a note of the detailed post-op care instruction from the surgeon or nurses. The patient should clearly understand all aspects of these directions before they undergo the thigh lift procedure.


    A Day Before the Surgery

    Do not eat or drink for at least eight hours prior to the surgical appointment. Wear loose fitting clothes, which can be worn and removed easily. Dedicated and perspicacious plastic surgeon Dr. McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and nearby areas for thigh lift.

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