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    Preparing for Eyelid Surgery

    Preparing for Eyelid Surgery | Roswell Plastic Surgery | AtlantaOnce an individual has decided to undergo eyelid surgery, they will be required to do some advance preparation. A thorough preparation as per the advice of the cosmetic surgeon will help to ensure a safer and more effective surgery with a desirable outcome.

    The patient should proactively engage with the surgeon during the pre-operative consultation and follow their guidance and tips. If they have any doubts or concerns, they should clarify with the surgeon during the preparation stage. Dr. Paul McCluskey is a dedicated plastic surgeon providing eyelid surgery and other cosmetic and reconstructive procedures to patients in Atlanta, GA and surrounding locations.


    Weeks Prior to the Surgery

    If the patient has a history of smoking, the surgeon will require them to completely avoid smoking for a few weeks before the eyelid procedure. The same commitment will have to be continued even after the surgery for a few days because smoking can interfere with the blood flow and delay the healing process. The consumption of alcoholic beverages should be reduced a few days before the eyelid surgery.

    If the patient has been taking blood thinners such as aspirin or oral supplements of vitamin E, these will have to be stopped at least two weeks before the eyelid surgery. Some herbal supplements such as ginseng should also be avoided during the preparation phase to reduce the risk of bleeding.

    The surgeon may also alter the schedule of certain prescription drugs in consultation with the physician. Safe alternatives to some of the drugs may be recommended. The patient should follow a balanced diet and increase the intake of lean proteins in the weeks leading up to the surgery. Astute plastic surgeon Dr. McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, GA and nearby areas for eyelid surgery.


    Suggested Advance Arrangements

    To make the immediate recovery phase more comfortable, some simple preparatory steps can be taken in advance. The patient should stock up the following items at home:

    • Ice cubes
    • Clean washcloths
    • Clean bowl for cold water
    • Plastic bags to make ice packs
    • Sterile gauze pads
    • Bottle of artificial tears
    • Extra pillows to keep the head elevated
    • Groceries for the week

    The patient should request someone responsible to drive them back home after the surgery. A friend or relatively may have to stay with the patient for the first one or two days following eyelid surgery. Alternatively, a professional nurse may be hired to assist with aftercare.

    The patient will have to stop eating or drinking for about eight hours prior to the surgery. On the night before the surgery, the patient should take adequate sleep and ensure that they are well-rested. The surgeon may prescribe a calming medication to address any pre-surgery anxiety.


    The Day of Surgery

    On the day of the surgery, the following simple tips can help:

    • Wash hair and eyebrows thoroughly
    • Refrain from wearing any makeup or cosmetics
    • Do not wear jewelry, contact lenses, or false eyelashes
    • Wear comfortable and loose fitting clothes

    Essential prescription medications on the morning of the surgery may be taken after consulting with the surgeon.

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