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    Nose Reshaping Plastic Surgery Procedure Steps

    Nose Reshaping 

    blonde girlRegardless of the type of nose reshaping cosmetic surgery a patient a needs, the surgeon will usually employ one of the two main techniques: closed or open rhinoplasty.


    During the initial consultation, the surgeon will discuss the steps involved in the procedure. Experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey provides nose reshaping to patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and surrounding communities.


    Closed Rhinoplasty


    Generally, closed rhinoplasty is the preferred technique as it involves placing all surgical incisions within the nose which eliminates the possibility of external scarring. Though the incisions are discreet, the surgeon still has access to most parts of the nose to perform a wide range of aesthetic and structural corrections.


    Open Rhinoplasty


    An open rhinoplasty procedure provides the surgeon more access to the bone and cartilage of the nose, but it will cause some scarring. The surgeon places an incision across the columella (the area of cartilage that is located between the nostrils). This allows the surgeon to lift the skin of the nasal tip and reshape the cartilage accurately.


    Advanced Technology


    Advanced rhinoplasty techniques involve the use of high-powered tools to make small changes to the bone. These devices cause fewer disturbances to the surrounding tissue. The surgeon can often address a nasal injury or correct a deviated septum without the need to re-fracture the nose.


    Procedure Steps


    Nose reshaping cosmetic surgery procedure steps can differ for each patient as there are various surgical approaches and diverse treatment goals. But some steps are typical to all nose jobs.




    Rhinoplasty patients can receive anesthesia by one of the following two sedation methods:


    • General anesthesia: This type of anesthesia is administered with a mask or IV. General anesthesia makes the patient entirely unconscious.


    • IV sedation: In this method, the doctor numbs the patient’s face with local anesthetic and administers a potent intravenous sedative. The patient will find themselves in a “twilight sleep” implying that they will remember very little if anything at all, regarding the procedure when the effects of the medication subside.


    Surgeons engage closely with every patient to establish the most suitable type of anesthesia for their individual needs. Both these methods are successful in not allowing the patient to feel any pain during the surgery. Additionally, some patients may feel less anxious with the knowledge that they will be fully asleep during the procedure.


    Surgical Process


    Post-sedation, the surgeon places small incisions within the columella or nostrils. They will then cautiously lift the skin to gain access to the cartilage and bone underneath. Then the surgeon can graft or remove tissues, as required.


    A surgeon usually utilizes conservative techniques to minimize any impact on the surrounding tissues while simultaneously accomplishing the desired outcomes. After the reshaping process is done, the surgeon lays the skin back over the new nasal contours and seals the incisions.


    Nasal Packing


    It is important to preserve the changes to the nasal tissue in the first few days after the nose surgery. The surgeon will place a splint in the nose to help in the retention of the new nose shape after sealing the incisions. In certain cases, the surgeon may also place pieces of gauze (nasal packing) within the nostrils.


    Dedicated plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and nearby areas for nose reshaping surgery.


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