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    Neck Lift Surgery Risks and Safety

    Neck Lift Surgery Risks and Safety | Atlanta Plastic Surgery | RoswellA neck lift is one of the safer body contouring procedures performed by a cosmetic surgeon, but it will still have some of the risks that are typically associated with any kind of surgery. During the initial consultation, the surgeon will discuss all the potential risks and side effects in order to make the patient fully aware of all aspects.

    The first goal of a dedicated surgeon will be to help the patient make a well-considered decision. Neck lift cosmetic procedure is a personal journey for the patient, and they should choose it only after evaluating the pros and cons. Dr.  Paul McCluskey is an experienced plastic surgeon providing neck lift to patients in Atlanta, GA and in its suburbs.


    Common Risks

    In choosing to undergo a neck lift surgery, the patient will have some risk of infection and possible allergic reaction to the anesthesia. Some patients may also experience unfavorable scarring from the neck lift. The cosmetic surgeon will be able to minimize these risks by taking some basic precautionary steps.

    Risk of infection during the surgery can be reduced if the neck lift procedure is performed at an operating venue with high standards of hygiene and care. The sterilization of surgical instruments and overall environmental control will make an impact on this risk. After the surgery, the patient should protect the incision areas against submerging in water and not allow any contact with dirt. This will minimize post-surgical infection risk.

    The risk of poor reaction to anesthesia can be minimized when the patient is carefully medically evaluated to determine their suitability for general anesthesia. During the neck lift surgery, the anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist will be present to monitor the patient’s condition and control the situation, if any risk arises.

    The risk of excessive scarring can be mitigated when the surgeon performs neck lift with a conservative approach and uses advanced surgical techniques. The patient should avoid smoking and follow the surgeon’s instructions to further reduce this risk. Dedicated plastic surgeon Dr. Lin receives patients from Atlanta, GA and nearby areas for neck lift.


    Other Potential Complications

    Other possible complications in case of neck lift surgery may include:

    • Hematoma: This involves excess bleeding during the surgery.
    • Seroma: Collection of fluid under the skin, which can be minimized by placing temporary drain tubes.
    • Tightness in the Neck: This may take place when the surgeon has stretched the skin excessively during the procedure.
    • Numbness: Temporary numbness can occur in the incision areas after neck lift, but in rare cases, the numbness may be permanent.
    • Irregularities of the Skin: Mottling or lumpiness in the skin may occur in some cases.
    • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

    The patient’s dissatisfaction with the aesthetic outcome of neck lift may occur in a few cases. If the neck reveals asymmetrical results or other issues, the patient may have to undergo a revision procedure. Patients should note that the occurrence of these complications is extremely rare, and the risk can be reduced further by choosing an experienced plastic surgeon.

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