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    Liposuction vs. SmartLipo

    Liposuction vs. SmartLipo

    Liposuction Surgery | SmartLipo | Marietta | Atlanta | Roswell, GALiposuction and SmartLipo are two effective treatment options that a cosmetic surgeon may recommend to his patients for fat reduction. These are not weight reduction procedures, but they can be applied ideally for candidates who suffer from excess fat deposits in specific areas of the body. Liposuction is a time-tested surgical procedure that can effectively remove substantial amounts of unwanted fat from targeted areas.

    SmartLipo is a relatively newer technique that is less invasive compared to liposuction. The plastic surgeon may employ this technique, depending on the patient’s needs and other factors. Dr. Paul McCluskey is a dedicated surgeon providing procedures such as liposuction and SmartLipo to patients in and around Atlanta, GA.

    Liposuction Overview

    Liposuction surgery, which is also called Liposculpture, is a cosmetic surgery procedure aimed at reducing stubborn fat deposits from specific areas of the body. One of the popular and relatively conservative techniques to perform this procedure is known as tumescent liposuction. This technique avoids the need for general anesthesia, and results in removal of stubborn fat cells through a suctioning process.

    A cosmetic surgeon may perform liposuction in areas such as thighs, hips, abdomen, calves, knees, neck, chin, or arms. Substantial fat reduction is possible through liposuction, but it is not weight loss procedure. As an experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. McCluskey explains the various aspects of liposuction and other treatment options to his patients in Atlanta, GA in order to help them make informed choices.

    SmartLipo Overview

    SmartLipo is an innovative fat reduction procedure that involves the use laser technology to remove unwanted fats. It is a proven laser assisted system, which is also known as lipolysis, and achieves fat reduction and skin tightening in a minimally invasive way. Targeted laser energy is directed at the affected areas to disrupt the stubborn fat cells and tighten underlying weak tissue.

    Plastic surgeons may use SmartLipo in conjunction with traditional liposuction to make the procedure less invasive and more precise. SmartLipo supports the surgical process with laser technique to coagulate the targeted blood vessels in a safe manner. The desired outcomes with SmartLipo may be achieved with relatively lesser bruising and bleeding.

    Good Candidates

    Terrific candidates for liposuction are individuals who are keen to achieve considerable amount of fat reduction in the least possible time. The candidate should be fully fit and healthy to receive treatment under general anesthesia or IV sedation. SmartLipo, on the other hand, may be more appropriate for candidates who are keen to choose lesser invasive options but still aim to achieve the desired aesthetic results.


    Liposuction may involve a downtime of about a week before the patient can resume regular activities and exercise or go back to the workplace. Swelling and bruising is common in the first few days, which will subside on its own gradually. SmartLipo, on the other hand, will involve considerably lesser downtime. The procedure reduces the trauma and pain during and after the procedure. Busy or working individuals who are keen to have a reduced recovery period may prefer SmartLipo over traditional liposuction.

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