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    Liposuction Surgery Recovery

    Liposuction Surgery Recovery | Roswell Plastic Surgery | AtlantaLiposuction is currently the second most popular procedure performed by a cosmetic surgeon in the US. Less invasive surgical techniques have made the procedure safer and the post-surgical recovery easier. However, recovery still remains an important component of the overall procedure, and should be taken seriously in order to achieve the most desirable final results.

    Dr. Paul McCluskey is an accomplished plastic surgeon providing liposuction and other cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Dr. McCluskey will provide detailed recovery instructions to the patient to help them go through the process comfortably. Patients in Atlanta, GA and surrounding communities in this part of the state have an opportunity to receive liposuction from Dr. McCluskey.


    Immediate Post-Op Phase

    Post-operative recovery will vary between patients, depending on the amount of fat removed, the sites of surgery, the type of anesthesia used, and the surgical technique used by the cosmetic surgeon. If the procedure involves general anesthesia and significant fat reduction from multiple areas, a few patients may be required to stay overnight at the hospital, while others may return home the same day after a few hours under monitoring.

    The patient should arrange for someone to drive them back home after the surgery. They should ideally also arrange in advance for aftercare for the first two to three days, or have some family member or friend stay over for assistance. The surgeon will prescribe pain medications to manage the mild pain and soreness in the incision areas for the first few days. Antibiotics may be prescribed to mitigate infection risks.


    First Week

    The incision areas will be covered with gauze bandage immediately after the surgery, or an elasticated support corset may be provided to protect the wound. The patient may be required to wear the corset for several days as per the surgeon’s instructions. In large treated areas, the patient may get minor bruising, which will reduce from the second week. But swelling will linger on for several weeks or months.

    Most patients will experience some numbness in the treated areas initially, but it will dissipate over a period of few weeks. If a single area has been treated with liposuction, most patients can expect to resume their normal routine in about one week. Experienced plastic surgeon Dr. McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, GA and nearby areas for liposuction.


    Long-term Recovery

    After liposuction surgery, swelling will be completed resolved in about three to four months. The patient will be able to note progressive improvement and enhancement in contours, but full results of fat reduction will be established once the swelling is fully resolved. In the first month, the patient should avoid strenuous exercises and lifting of heavy weights to allow the incisions to heal well.

    Mild walks and light activities at home should be performed right from the first week itself to promote blood flow in the incision areas. The patient should be prepared to follow the surgeon’s post-surgical recovery instructions carefully and maintain the post-operative appointments to the surgeon’s office as per schedule in order to ensure safe and healthy recovery for the long run.

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