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    Liposuction Surgery Recovery

    Advancements in surgical techniques have made liposuction a relatively less invasive procedure. However, it will still involve a significant recovery component, which plays a vital role in the overall success of liposuction surgery. The cosmetic surgeon will explain all aspects of the procedure during the initial consultation, including the recovery process.

    The patient should be prepared to following the surgeon’s recovery instructions diligently in order to achieve safe and desirable results from liposuction. Dedicated plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey will educate the patient about liposuction, and provide proper guidelines for a good recovery. Dr. McCluskey provides liposuction to patients in Atlanta, GA and surrounding locations.


    Early Post-Surgical Phase

    The overall recovery in case of liposuction differs from one patient to another, depending on the extent of fat removed, the areas where the surgery is performed, and the choice of surgical technique. In a few cases, the cosmetic surgeon may have to use general anesthesia, particularly if substantial fat removal from multiple areas is involved. Most patients can return home the same day after surgery, but a few may require an overnight hospital stay.  

    The patient will require someone responsible to drive them back home after the surgery, and preferably stay with them for the first two or three days. Help is particularly important if the patient has little children to look after. Mild pain and discomfort will be experienced in the incision areas in the initial days, which can be managed with pain medications as prescribed by the surgeon.



    First Few Days

    Immediately after the surgery, the incision areas will be wrapped with a gauze bandage, or the surgeon may provide an elasticated support corset to protect the wound. The corset will have to be worn for several days as per the surgeon’s advice. If the treated areas are large, minor bruising may occur, which will start resolving within a week. However, swelling will dissipate gradually over several weeks or months.

    Some numbness will be experienced by most patients in and around the incision areas, but it will gradually disappear on its own. If only one area has been treated with liposuction, the patient may expect to return to their regular activities in a week’s time. Prolific and reliable plastic surgeon Dr. McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, GA and other cities and communities in this part of the state for liposuction.


    Long-term Recovery

    Swelling will go away completely in about three to four months after liposuction. Gradual enhancement in contours will become noticeable progressively, and full results will appear as the swelling gets completely resolved. Vigorous activities and exercises must be avoided in the first three to four weeks so that the incision areas can heal sufficiently.

    The surgeon will encourage the patient to perform short walks and light activities at home in the first week to improve blood flow in the incision sites. Smoking should be avoided during the recovery phase as per the surgeon’s advice. The patient should adhere to the surgeon’s post-op recovery instructions and follow the schedule of post-operative appointments to the surgeon’s office for a safe and healthy recovery.

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