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    Liposuction Surgery in Atlanta

    Liposuction Surgery in AtlantaLiposuction Surgery in Atlanta

    Excess fat deposits in certain parts of the body may occur due to genetic factors, sedentary lifestyles, disease or other reasons. Over time, the deposits may become resistant to exercise or diet, may bother an individual due to their reduced aesthetic appeal. In such cases, the cosmetic surgeon may recommend liposuction, which has emerged as the number one aesthetic procedure in terms of popularity in the US.

    Dr. Paul McCluskey is a well-known plastic surgeon providing liposuction and various other surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures. Dr. McCluskey will recommend the most appropriate liposuction technique for a patient and prepare a customized treatment plan for optimal results. He receives patients from Atlanta, GA and surrounding communities.


    Liposuction Candidates

    Adults who are unhappy with the appearance of unsightly bulges in certain areas such as the hips, thighs, abdomen, flanks, calves, upper arms, back, knees, neck, or cheeks may benefit from liposuction.

     The cosmetic surgeon will recommend the procedure to individuals who have a moderate body weight, preferably within 25 pounds of their ideal weight. If the skin in the affected area is fairly tight and elastic, liposuction can produce highly desirable outcomes.


    Surgical Techniques

    One of the reasons behind the rising demand for liposuction surgery is the development of innovative surgical techniques, which are less invasive and more targeted. As an experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. McCluskey will recommend the right surgical technique to patients in Atlanta, GA and nearby areas.


    Traditional Technique

    If the patient needs a substantive removal of fat from one or more areas, the surgeon may go for the traditional liposuction technique. The procedure begins with the surgeon making an incision in the targeted area to insert a thin cannula into the deeper layers of fat tissue.

    The surgeon will dislodge the fat, manipulating it with the cannula. The dislodged fat cells will be suctioned out with a syringe or pump connected to the other end of the cannula.


    Tumescent Technique

    The most widely used technique today is tumescent liposuction, which can be performed using local anesthesia. The procedure avoids the need for general anesthesia and involves smaller incisions, which makes the procedure less invasive.

    The surgeon will introduce a liberal volume of anesthetic and saline solution into the targeted area through the incision. The unwanted fat cells will swell, which makes it easier to isolate and remove them. Less scarring, reduced risk, and lower downtime are the key benefits of this procedure.


    Ultrasonic Technique

    Ultrasonic liposuction is another relatively less invasive procedure involving the ultrasound energy to gently warm up the targeted fat cells. The fat cells will be liquefied with the heat, which makes it easier to dislodge them without damaging the surrounding healthy tissue. For the reduction of denser fat pockets, the surgeon may use the ultrasonic liposuction technique.




    The treated area will be covered in a bandage after the surgery. A compression garment may have to be worn for a few weeks to expedite healing. Depending on the technique involved and the extent of fat removed, the downtime may range from five to 10 days.

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