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    Liposuction Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

    Liposuction | Before and After Photos | Plastic Surgery | AtlantaAccording to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) figures, liposuction ranks as the number one cosmetic surgery procedure in the US today. A cosmetic surgeon may perform liposuction as a standalone procedure or in conjunction with another surgery. At the time of pre-op consultation, the surgeon will discuss every aspect of the procedure and also present liposuction plastic surgery before and after photographs.

    A dedicated surgeon will make every effort to educate the patient about liposuction so that they are in a position to make an informed decision. Dr. Paul McCluskey is a leading plastic surgeon providing liposuction and various other procedures of the breast, body and face. Wherever feasible, Dr. McCluskey will share before and after photos with his patients in Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas.


    What are Liposuction Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures?

    Before and after pictures in case of liposuction refer to images pertaining to an earlier patient who has undergone the same surgery with good results. The images include pictures taken prior to the surgery and after the surgery at a stage when the initial swelling and bruising has been resolved and full results of liposuction can be seen.

    The cosmetic surgeon will make sure that these pictures are obtained only with the prior consent of the patient. The pictures will be shown to new patients in an appropriate manner, and the original patient’s privacy will be maintained as per their needs. The photos serve the purpose of a visual tool to explain the potential effectiveness of liposuction to a new patient and allow them to make an informed choice.

    Digital technology is here to stay. Digital technology has changed the world and about every industry in it. The surgical world is none different. Now patients know almost exactly what they are getting into because of crystal clear photos that shows them the exact details they are looking for. It may not be their exact body but nothing is perfect right? Now doctors do not have to spend so much time explaining this to patients what to expect since the photos do this for them with so much more clarity.



    When a new patients steps into the surgeon’s office for a preliminary consultation about liposuction, it is natural for them to be concerned or unsure about whether the procedure is right for them. Patients should know how liposuction will meet their unique aesthetic needs, and how it may impact their overall physical appearance.

    Liposuction may be performed in one area or multiple areas using various techniques. Sometimes it may be combined with other procedures. In all cases, the plastic surgeon can best explain the options with the help of liposuction before and after photos. Dr. McCluskey is an experienced plastic surgeon receiving patients from Atlanta, GA and nearby locations.


    Staying Realistic

    Optimal satisfaction levels in any aesthetic procedure are generally achieved when the patient has a positive mindset, clear goals and realistic expectations. Therefore, experienced surgeons like to present liposuction before and after photos at the very first appointment to let the patient know what the procedure can or cannot do for them. This will also minimize the chances of any misunderstanding or disappointment occurring at a later stage for the patient.


    Online Photo Gallery

    The surgeon may create a separate Photo Gallery on their practice website, which will include liposuction before and after photos. This will give free access to anyone who may like to review these photos and improve their understanding about the procedure. New patients may also seek a personal liposuction consultation after they have reviewed the photos online.


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