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    How should you prepare for nose reshaping plastic surgery?

    Preparing well for a rhinoplasty plastic surgery is vital since it will have an impact on the final results. The preparation starts from the moment the patient decides to receive a nose job and continues until the surgery takes place.

    It actually continues to occur even a few days after the surgery because sufficient rest and a shortage of vigorous activity are necessary.  

    The surgeon will discuss the preparatory steps with the patient during the initial consultation. Prudent plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey provides nose reshaping surgery to patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and surrounding communities and towns in this area of the country.

    Before the Pre-Op Consultation

    Before the consultation with the nose reshaping cosmetic surgeon, the patient should perform the following steps:

    • Arrange for past health and surgical records, including information on pre-existing conditions, allergic responses, and weight fluctuations.
    • Contact their insurance provider to understand the conditions in their medical plan regarding rhinoplasty surgery coverage.
    • Enlist all meds such as prescribed and OTC medications, vitamins and herbal supplements to present to the surgeon during the consultation.
    • Create a list of any questions or concerns that they may have regarding the procedure to seek clarifications from the surgeon during the appointment.  
    • Review magazines and websites to choose reference images for how they want their new nose to appear.

    After the Consultation

    The plastic surgeon will give various instructions and guidelines to the patient on how to prepare for the rhinoplasty during the pre-op consultation process. The patient should commit to following these guidelines dedicatedly to ensure safe and predictable surgical outcomes. These guidelines may include:

    • The patient should review multiple nose reshaping before and after images to develop realistic expectations.
    • Schedule the rhinoplasty at a time that causes minimal interference in their social and professional engagements.  
    • Apply to take leave from the workplace for at least a week to heal from the procedure.  
    • Finish any pressing home or work-related activities in advance to enjoy a stress-free and comfortable recovery period.
    • Quit smoking for a minimum of two to three week before the scheduled surgery and commit to refrain from smoking for some weeks post-surgery as well.  
    • Arrange for someone to drive them back home after the nose reshaping surgery as well as aftercare at home for a few days after the procedure.  
    • Re-schedule prescription and non-prescription drugs as directed by the surgeon in consultation with the physician.
    • Arrange for financing ahead of the surgery to pay for the surgical costs in easy monthly installments.

    The Day of the Surgery

    The patient should review the post-operative instructions and seek last-minutes clarifications for any doubts or concerns that they may be experiencing. They should wear loose clothing which is front-open to the surgical venue. In case the patient has diabetes, they should have their vital parameters evaluated on the morning of the rhinoplasty surgery.

    The surgeon may prescribe a regimen of antibiotics before the surgery. The patient and their attendant should ensure that they can devote the entire day to the surgery as while the procedure itself only takes an hour or two, the patient will spend more time being monitored in the recovery area.

    Dedicated cosmetic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and nearby areas in this profound and standout section of America for nose reshaping surgery.

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