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    How much does Rhinoplasty Revision Surgery Cost?

    Rhinoplasty Revision Surgery Cost | Plastic Surgery | Atlanta A patient should ideally be able to achieve perfect outcomes with rhinoplasty the first time itself. However, if a need for revision rhinoplasty arises, it can lead to additional costs. The cosmetic surgeon will discuss all aspects, including the estimated costs of revision rhinoplasty, during the initial consultation.

    Patients should be aware that a revision rhinoplasty will usually be more complex and more invasive than the primary surgery. Therefore, the costs may be higher. Dr. Paul McCluskey is a dedicated plastic surgeon providing revision rhinoplasty and other procedures to patients in Atlanta, GA and surrounding locations.


    Price Factors

    The monetary amount of revision rhinoplasty procedure can vary between two patients at different practices or even at the same practice. The following key factors will influence the dollar figure of procedure:


    Geographical Location

    Where the practice is located makes an important difference to the costs. Prime urban centers and large cities will usually have a higher cost of living as compared to smaller and interior towns. This impacts the costs of most products and services, including plastic surgery services. Therefore, the cost of revision rhinoplasty in Atlanta, GA may not be the same as the dollar amount in, say, Phoenix, AZ.


    Fee of the Surgeon

    The cosmetic surgeon will charge a fee according to their qualifications, experience and reputation in the field of rhinoplasty and revision procedures. Revision rhinoplasty is a complex procedure, which should ideally be performed by fully trained and skilled surgeon. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, aspects such as the surgeon’s fee should be secondary to the choice of a surgeon in such procedures.


    Anesthesia and Operating Venue Costs

    Revision rhinoplasty may be performed using general anesthesia, particularly if it is an open surgery. The fee charged by an anesthesiologist or a certified anesthetist nurse will vary in relation to their skills and experience. The procedure may be performed at a private surgical suite, an ambulatory surgical center, or a hospital. The costs and benefits associated with each option will also vary.


    Extent of Surgery

    If revision rhinoplasty involves only minor cosmetic changes, the plastic surgeon may perform it as a closed procedure. In other cases, an open surgical technique may have to be used, which is more invasive and will take more time to perform. The cost in case of open surgery will be a little higher than closed surgery.

    Some patients may require grafting or implants as a part of revision rhinoplasty, or functional corrections may be necessary along with cosmetic improvements. The dollar amount of surgery may increase in such situations.


    Insurance and Financing

    Primary rhinoplasty is usually performed for aesthetic reasons, which will not be covered by insurance. However, in case of revision rhinoplasty, if the patient is suffering from breathing difficulties through the nose, partial or full costs of the procedure may be covered by the insurance provider.

    In any case, most patients will be eligible to receive financing through professional medical care finance companies or traditional sources such as banks, credit cards, and borrowing through friends or family.

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