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    Facelift Surgery Before and After Photos

    Plastic Surgeon | Cosmetic Surgeon | Atlanta, GA | Facelift PhotosPlastic Surgeon | Cosmetic Surgeon | Atlanta, GA | Facelift Photos

    The facelift has emerged as one of the popular procedures in cosmetic surgery in recent years. The procedure is highly customizable, depending on the unique facial anatomy and personal aesthetic needs of a patient. During the initial consultation for facelift, the plastic surgeon will discuss all aspects of the surgery, including the expected recovery process.

    The recovery in case of a facelift surgery will typically vary from one patient to another. The recovery can depend on several factors such as the extent of surgery performed, the surgical technique employed, the skills of the surgeon, and the patient’s innate ability to heal. Patients in Atlanta, GA and surrounding communities may consult with Dr. Paul McCluskey for facelift surgery.


    What are Facelift Before and After Images?

    Before and after images in case of facelift surgery refer to a pair or group of pictures relating to an earlier patient who has received the same surgery with successful results. The photos include images taken before the surgery and after the surgery at a time when full effects of facelift are visible. The plastic surgeon will obtain these pictures with the consent of the patient, and will show them to new patients in a discreet manner.

    The goal of the surgeon is only to educate new patients about various aspects of facelift surgery, and help them make an informed decision. With the help of facelift before and after photos, the surgeon can effectively demonstrate the potential effectiveness of the procedure. Dr. McCluskey tries to ensure that his patients in and around Atlanta, GA are provided with facelift surgery before and after pictures at the time of the initial consultation.



    When a new patient decides to walk into the office of a surgeon for facelift cosmetic surgery, the patient may not necessarily be aware of how exactly a facelift may help meet their personal aesthetic goals. Some patients may only need a partial procedure, such as a rhinoplasty, eyelid lift, brow lift, or chin augmentation, while in other cases, the patient may need a full facelift along with a neck lift.

    In some cases, only a mini facelift surgery may suffice. The patient can get confused with so many treatment options, and may find it difficult to make the right choice in their particular case. This is where the facelift before and after pictures will come in handy, and the surgeon can use them to ensure that the patient makes the most appropriate choices to meet their individual aesthetic goals.


    Staying Realistic

    Patients with realistic expectations usually achieve the highest levels of satisfaction in any aesthetic procedure. During the initial consultation, the cosmetic surgeon will use the facelift before and after pictures to ensure that the patient knows exactly what to expect and what not to expect from the procedure.

    With before and after pictures, the risk of a misunderstanding is mitigated, and the patient is saved from any potential disappointment that could occur if the patient had formed wrong or unrealistic expectations from a facelift surgery.