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    Cameron Diaz Thinks Women Should Keep Things Natural

    The trend for women to wax, shave, and at the very least trim their pubic hair is now well established among ladies today. Whether it’s a Brazilian wax, a landing strip, or ‘vajazzle’-ing, what you are doing to maintain your nether regions is a hot topic. While labiaplasty is nothing new, the popularity of the procedure has exploded since more and more ladies have decided to go bare and come to know their labia like never before.


    So naturally, there are those who oppose the hair-free trend and believe women, much to the dismay of men everywhere, should embrace the downstairs hair that they have been naturally endowed with. One of those fighting to free the fuzz is none other than Cameron Diaz. In her new book, Diaz even goes so far as to dedicate an entire chapter to the subject and describes pubic hair as “a pretty draping” and suggests that trends in pubic styling are subject to change. So far responses don’t seem to show a lot of support but could she be right? And could a change in women’s preference lead to a change in the number of labiaplasty procedures performed?

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