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What Smoking Does To Your Skin

It’s no secret that there are plenty of negative side effects associated with smoking. Along side the obvious health risks that you are taking when you choose to smoke, the signs of your bad habit will be all over your

We all know that there are many, many reasons to stop smoking: the health complications are extensive and the effect on you appearance alone are hugely significant. Smoking also adds a significantly higher risk of complications when it comes to surgery. As

Rigorous diets and bland eating plans make it easy to slip straight back in to old habits, but making small changes to your current can be the key to a healthier you! Strict eating plans and an overwhelming diet change

It’s safe to say a lot of us feel like we missed out on the gene that seems to make some of our friends perpetually active. A lot of the time exercise feels like the last thing we want to

Cheek dimples have been considered an attractive facial feature for a long time, and been the envy of many. Dimples are simply caused by a defect in the cheek muscle which allows the skin to adhere to deeper tissue, creating a dimple. For

Patients of all ages come to a consultation with Dr. McCluskey with a common question: How do I get natural looking, fuller lips? Luckily for them there are a wealth of options to help these patients achieve the look they

Many patients who visit us for a consultation are unhappy with the size of their arms, and while general toning or weight loss may help, excess skin can still be an issue. Exercises that target the triceps will particularly help

Thighs are a long time problem area for many patients of all shapes and sizes. Thighs can be slimmed through exercise, however the inner thigh, particularly the upper inner thigh, is an area that many women carry fat in which

The Brazilian Butt Lift has exploded in popularity recently and for a pretty good reason: curves in all the right places! The procedure involves liposuction of problem areas like the stomach, lower back and the thighs, then the fat taken

Can you believe the amazing results of this mini face lift just ONE week after surgery? View our new video of the procedure below!    

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