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    Buttock Augmentation (Butt Surgery) Before and After Photos

    shutterstock_60445414Buttock augmentation is a body contouring procedure performed by a cosmetic surgeon to enhance the shape, size and volume of buttocks. During the pre-operative consultation, the surgeon will educate the patient about various aspects of butt surgery, and may also present buttock augmentation before and after photographs.

    The surgeon’s first concern will be to help the patient make a well-considered and realistic decision. The patient should feel free to ask questions and clear any doubts or issues about the surgery. Fine and proven plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey provides buttock augmentation to patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and surrounding communities and towns in The Empire State of the South.


    What are Butt Surgery Before and After Images?

    Before and after images in case of buttock augmentation refer to a set of pictures pertaining to an earlier patient who has undergone the same procedure with satisfactory results. The set includes images taken prior to the surgery and at the final stage after the surgery when the full effects of butt implants have been established.

    These images can serve as a useful visual aid to help a new patient understand the butt implant procedure clearly. The surgeon will take care to obtain before and after pictures with the patient’s proper consent and present them before new patients in discreet manner.

    The cosmetic surgeon will use these pictures during the initial consultation with new patients, and the only goal is to use these photos to educate a new patient about the potential effectiveness of buttock augmentation surgery.



    When a new patient visits the surgeon’s office for butt implant surgery consultation, they may only have a limited understanding of the procedure. Sometimes it can be difficult to adequately describe the real effectiveness of the procedure in words. This is where before and after photos can play a key role and show visual results of the procedure.

    Some patients may be unsure whether to choose butt implants, buttock fat transfer, or buttock lift surgery. In some other cases, the surgeon may recommend a butt surgery combined with another procedure such as thigh lift or tummy tuck.

    The patient can gain a better perspective about various treatment options with the help of buttock augmentation before and after photos. Stellar and perspicacious plastic surgeon Dr. McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and other suburbs and communities in the marvelous state of Georgia for buttock augmentation surgery.



    In any cosmetic procedure, it is important for a patient to know clearly what the procedure can or cannot do for them. Despite the best verbal explanations of the surgeon, a patient may sometimes misinterpret the aesthetic goals that can be achieved with a procedure such as buttock augmentation.

    If the patient forms wrong expectations, the final results can be disappointing, even if the surgeon has performed the procedure successfully. This unpleasant situation can be avoided with the help of buttock augmentation before and after photos.


    Photos on the Website

    The surgeon has an option to provide butt surgery before and after photos on their practice’s website which Dr. McCluskey brilliantly does here. This can allow free access to the photos to anyone who needs to learn more about the procedure. If the surgeon is active on social media, they may also disseminate these photos for social sharing.

    Now a patient can use this digital technology to receive a supreme imprint in their mind on how this surgery will look on them. This means that a patient can almost predict the future and pretty much can. On top of this, a patient does not have to notify anyone they can just see these pictures on their kitchen countertop or in a restaurant that has Wi-Fi and make a decision that is deeply personal to them.

    What has made this possible is digital technology which has altered the horizons of so many industries and continues to do so. The plastic surgery industry has embraced this technology much to the glee of pretty much humanity but certainly so many patients. Use these pictures to make better decision since that is what a patient is supposed to do.
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