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    Breast Lift Surgery (Mastopexy) Cost

    Breast Lift Surgery | Mastopexy Cost | Atlanta GAIt is hard to put a price on something like breast lift surgery. A very personal choice, a mastopexy is typically something that should be your decision, and yours alone. A good plastic surgeon like Dr. Paul McCluskey in Atlanta, GA can help make the entire process much more comfortable for you and improve the quality of the results you get from this plastic surgery.

    Once you have shortlisted your cosmetic surgeon, you will need to come down to discussing the details of your procedure and that all important question of – the costs.

    The cost of mastopexy

    Breast lift surgery prices will vary from plastic surgeon to plastic surgeon. The prices in Atlanta, GA may be quite different from San Diego, CA. What is important to consider above all else, is the expertise and experience of your cosmetic surgeon. You would do well to choose a reputed and qualified surgeon, even if you have to fork out more on the procedure, rather than choose a less experienced one who charges less but whose work may be less than perfect, may last for fewer years or worse – leave you scarred. The costs involved – both emotional and monetary – in fixing a botched up job will be far higher.

    Check with your plastic surgeon on the estimated costs. You will find that surgeons like Dr. Paul McCluskey are forthcoming with these details, because they want patients to be clear on what to expect. Do remember, besides the cosmetic surgeon’s fees you will need to plan for expenses for the use of the surgical facility, the anesthesia and medicine, any tests that may be needed, consumables and surgical garments used for your breast lift surgery.

    Insurance and breast lift surgery

    Breast lifts are elective surgeries, so insurance will not cover the costs. However, do check for installment plans or special payment schemes that your plastic surgeon can work out for you. Patient payment programs and financing options are usually available, so don’t hesitate to ask. Start saving up so that you have a little bit put away in advance. Most patients say they think of it as an investment rather than a cost.

    The exception to this rule is in cases where a breast lift surgery is required as part of a larger mastectomy reconstruction. In this case health insurance may cover the expense. Do check with them in advance to be sure.

    How long will the effects of your breast lift surgery (mastopexy) last?

    Another important thing to consider when weighing the costs involved is the duration for which the effects are likely to last. An experienced and well qualified plastic surgeon can give you a breast lift that could last decades. Unless you undergo further weight loss and gain, the mastopexy should hold for a good number of years. Plastic surgeons like like Dr. Paul McCluskey will usually not just lift the skin but also use their skill to sculpt the surrounding tissue helping improve the longevity of the procedure.

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