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    Breast Implants Exchange Surgery

    Plastic Surgeon | Cosmetic Surgeon | Atlanta | GABreast Implants Exchange Surgery

    Breast implants’ exchange surgery is performed on people who have already got breast implants earlier and now wish to correct the issues they face because of it. The reasons may be varied – patients may wish to further alter the look of their breasts, get old implants replaced with new and other varieties, may have issues like excessive capsular contracture and other post-surgical complications that have to be dealt with. Skilled plastic surgeons like Dr. Paul McCluskey of Atlanta, GA, have performed several such procedures successfully.

    How is the surgery performed?

    The simplest way to perform these surgeries is to access the breast implants through the old wounds that exist because of the initial surgery. This ensures there is no further scarring of skin and the surgeon can easily access the implants. Now, the implantsitself may be placed above or under the chest muscles, depending on what would best suit the situation. Patients are given general anesthesia and are asked to follow a few dos and don’ts prior to the surgery. This is to ensure the procedure is a success and the patient recovers as quickly as possible, post-surgery.

    The old implants are removed, any excessive scar tissues that have formed around the implant pocket are carefully removed and any other adjustments that are requested by the patients are done at the same time. The new implants are placed in the pockets correctly so that they settle properly. The breasts acquire the desired size and shape and the it is neither too soft nor too hard. Once the surgery is performed, the point of entry is carefully put together to ensure there are no or very little visible surgery marks left on the patient’s body.

    Talking to your cosmetic surgeon before and after the surgery

    Dr. McCluskey has come across many patients who have a pre-conceived idea in their mind about the surgery, what their breasts should look like and the time and efforts involved in it. While you may have an idea in your mind that may sound right to you, it is possible that that idea may not be correct for you. So it is very important to discuss the pros and cons of your surgery with your doctor before you go ahead with it. Getting used to the changes to the appearance of one’s body takes time and cannot be easily corrected. Your body will have to withstand  pain, discomfort and a lot of restrictions for a while.

    Dr. McCluskey also gives a good idea of what the results of the surgery will be by showing before and after photos. You can then also decide what would be the right procedure for you, based on these photos.

    Breast implants’ exchange surgery is a safe procedure which can be done without much hassle by an expert plastic or cosmetic surgeon. It is important you choose the right one and select the right procedure based on your requirements and your body’s capacity. As this is a secondary procedure, all efforts are made to make this less complicated than the first one so that there is lesser loss of blood and you can recover faster.

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