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    Breast Implants Exchange Surgery Recovery

    Breast Implants Exchange Surgery Recovery

    Breast Surgery | Breast Implant Exchange | Atlanta GAThis surgery would count as a secondary surgery as it is limited to those who have had a breast augmentation surgery done earlier. Women go for a Breast Implants Exchange Surgery recovery either to undo a present problem or simply because she is looking for a change. Whatever your reason, the idea of a recovery is something that anyone undergoing a breast augmentation must consider in case of wanting to undo anything that you may not be happy with.

    Listen to what your cosmetic surgeon says

    There could be many reasons why you would be considering getting a Recovery surgery. The most common reason is leaks or a rupture in the original silicone implants or you would be considering getting something that is latest and of better quality – silicone implants have existed since 1980’s and have gone through a huge change in terms of feel, quality and longevity. According to well-known plastic surgeon and Breast Implant and exchange expert, Dr. Paul McCluskey some other reasons can also include scars, asymmetrical shape or to change the type of the implant.

    There are certain conditions under which a person is not eligible for this surgery – these include if a mother is still feeding, reduced blood flow as in the case of chemotherapy, pregnancy or a weak immune system. It is advised to with at least six months before go in for a revision surgery so that the scars are healed completely. It is also important for you to have realistic expectation of the result. If you feel that the scars are not healing like the way they should – it is a good idea to contact your doctor immediately to avoid any further complications.


    Dr. Paul McCluskey stresses on the importance of deciding on a surgeon that you trust in order to make the process easier for you. Dr. McCluskey practices in Atlanta, GA and he stresses on the post-surgery period. Recovery post-surgery is not something that can be taken lightly. The recovery will be a lot like the recovery period after the Breast Augmentation Surgery.  Depending on how extensive this surgery was you may be advised bed rest anywhere from 3-5 days to 3-5 weeks.

    Discomfort in the pectoral muscles or spasms can be felt making the recovery period longer requiring you take more precaution.

    All in all however, you should have a much easier time than your first time. There might be some bruising and swelling which could cause some amount of discomfort. The doctor might advise you to wear a surgical bra and would need plenty of rest.

    If you have gone through a Breast Augmentation Surgery and are not happy with it and need a change, don’t give up hope. A second chance at perfection is possible, or if you are looking for an upgrade for a more natural feel then that is possible as well. It is essential though that you go in with realistic expectations and find the perfect doctor for you – make sure to be comfortable with him and prepare for the surgery mentally so that you have a clear idea of what you need.

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