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    Breast Implants Exchange Surgery Cost

    Breast Exchange | Plastic Surgeon | Cosmetic Surgeon | Atlanta | GABreast Implants Exchange Surgery Cost

    Breast implants are used in breast augmentation surgeries. Women who want to improve the shape of their breasts or have any disfigurements and want to correct them opt for this procedure. At times, the implants need to be changed or replaced. So the breast implants’ exchange procedure is performed on the same patient as a secondary procedure. The common reasons for the secondary procedure are if the first procedure did not give the desired results as per the patient’s expectations or if there are any post-op complications such as implant burst or leakage.

    Caring for your body

    Dr. Paul McCluskey is a renowned plastic and cosmetic surgeon based out of Atlanta, GA. He specializes in all forms of cosmetic surgeries and in secondary procedures too. In order to achieve a high success rate, he believes in thoroughly preparing his clients for the surgery and ensuring they are aware of what they are getting into. To avoid any complications during the surgery and to ensure the results last for a long time, he ensures all clients are aware of some of the basic dos and don’ts. Some of them are:

    1. Prospective clients should lead a healthy lifestyle at least a month before the date of the surgery. Consumption of nutritious food, staying away from intoxicants such as alcohol, nicotine, tobacco and drugs, medicines that cause inflammation, taking plenty of fruits and vegetables and taking a lot of rest is advisable.

    1. Clients are also advised to make arrangements at home and at work to ensure they do not over-strain themselves for a few days after work. Just like for the initial surgery, patients will feel a certain amount of discomfort and pain for some time. Avoiding all forms of severe exercises and heavy chores is emphasized by the doctors.

    Ask your plastic surgeon about the cost

    Dr. McCluskey, who has performed several such procedures, advises that the costs for these surgeries follow the same pattern as the initial surgeries. The factors that affect the cost of the procedures are:

    1. The amount of work involved – This depends on how well the patients has maintained her herself for the weeks preceding the surgery. A healthy patient means the surgery can be performed smoothly with no complications. Moreover, different patients react differently to various medicines. So choosing the appropriate medications also affects the costs. The hardness of the scar tissue surrounding the initial implant pocket also affects the cost. Harder and thicker the tissue, more  the cost.

    1. General anesthesia is provided to the patients, hence its cost is included.

    1. Patients may have to stay for a day or two after the surgery, so hospital charges nay be incurred – including the charges for the surgery room booking and a recovery ward assigned for a day or two to the patients.

    1. Clients will also have to buy suitable garments  post-surgery. The breasts must be correctly handled to avoid severe bleeding, dislocation of the implant and to give it the right amount of support to let the exchanged implant comfortably and let the breasts get a soft feel. So some amount also has to be kept aside for post-surgical bras and tops.

    1. Costs for a breast implants ‘exchange surgery ranges between $6,000 and $12,000.

    When you get this secondary procedure done by an expert such as Dr. McCluskey, you can be assured that any previous flaws will be corrected and future issues such as rippling and improper breasts’ shapes will be avoided. Be sure to go through before and after pictures, talk to your cosmetic surgeon in depth about the procedure and get the best results that will last for many years.

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