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    Breast Implant Exchange Surgery: Before and After Pictures

    Breast Exchange | Plastic Surgeon | Cosmetic Surgeon | Atlanta | GABreast Implant Exchange Surgery: Before and After Pictures

    Breast Implant Exchange Surgery basically refers to the revision or correction of previous breast implants for those who are unhappy with the outcome or are facing unforeseen complications such as rupture, rippling, deflation or other problems with their previous breast augmentation surgery and would like to redo or undo these ill-effects.

    The removal or replacements of breast implants is a short, safe procedure done under anesthesia and is associated with minimum pain or discomfort.

    Why you need to see before and after pictures

    Making the decision to go in for surgery is a big one and should not be taken in haste. One important step in deciding one way or another is to look at the before and after pictures of those who have undergone the procedure to get a clear idea on what you can expect.

    A skilled plastic surgeon would make sure that there is minimal manipulation of the breast tissue; usually new implants are put in through the same pocket as the previous surgery, ensuring no scarring or unanticipated changes in the shape of the breast. Dr. Paul McCluskey, a certified plastic surgeon practicing in Atlanta GA, also encourages prospective patients to carefully consider the pros and cons of the surgery.

    Many prospective patients go in for this surgery to replace their old saline filled implants with silicone implants as they have a more natural feel. Breast implants exchange surgery is also a much needed reprieve for those who have had undesirable results with their breast implants. This is a change to correct, change and undo all that you want for the perfect result.

    Plastic surgeon’s advice

    According to Dr Paul McCluskey, aftercare of the surgery is very important to ensure the best results. Usually the surgery is a short procedure not extending longer than an hour with about two hours spent in observation post surgery. This is important to keep a tab on the vital tabs of the patient and to ensure utmost safety for the patient. As the surgery is done under anesthesia, it is advisable to not drive at least for 24 hours after the surgery. We also encourage patients to have a caregiver with them for the first 24 hours till the effects of the anesthesia completely wear off.

    It is a good idea to find a surgeon that you are completely comfortable with and to ask as many questions as you need in order to feel comfortable about your decision. This surgery is suited to women who have had their previous  surgery at least six months prior and also have realistic expectations about the outcome.

    This surgery has the potential to be a blessing for you if you are plagued by bad results on a breast augmentation surgery and would like to correct these issues or if you are simply looking for an upgrade. It is also desirable to those who want their previous implants removed. If you are physically and mentally healthy and are looking for that change to regain your old confidence and pride, this surgery is meant for you.


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