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    5 Things to Do to Prepare the Skin Before and After Liposuction

    5 Things to Prepare the Skin Before and After Liposuction | RoswellIndividuals with healthy, stable weight will usually make appropriate candidates for liposuction. The cosmetic surgeon will assess the skin quality prior to the procedure to determine candidacy. If skin elasticity is poor, liposuction may have to be performed in conjunction with a body lift procedure. Dr. Paul McCluskey is a leading plastic surgeon providing liposuction to patients in Atlanta, GA and surrounding locations.


    Avoid Fad Diet Programs and Maintain Stable Weight 

    Prior to liposuction surgery, it is essential that you maintain a healthy and stable weight, which can be sustained in the longer run. However, do not choose a fad diet, whether HCG or others, to clear your candidacy for liposuction.

    Follow a balanced diet and an active lifestyle with regular exercises under the guidance of an instructor. That will improve your fitness level, make you a good candidate for liposuction, and support faster recovery and reduced risk of complications.


    Protect against Direct Sun Exposure and Use Sunscreen

    Sun damage is a common problem, which can hamper the creation of ideal outcomes with liposuction surgery. Sun exposure can also cause the skin to become loose over time, which will make liposuction less effective. In fact, if skin laxity is high, liposuction may only worsen the appearance of the treated area.

    Use a sunscreen everyday to protect the skin against harmful UV rays. Exercise more caution in the weeks preceding liposuction procedure. The cosmetic surgeon will give post-operative instructions about protecting the treated area against sun exposure for several weeks or months.


    Follow a Healthy Diet, Regular Exercise, and Reduce Stress 

    Follow a healthy diet plan, preferably under the guidance of a nutritionist before and after liposuction. Increase the intake of lean proteins in your diet, which will support faster healing. Maintain a regular exercise and fitness regimen, which will keep your skin more elastic and supple and help to achieve better results with liposuction.

    Learn as much as you can about liposuction in advance. This will reduce your stress and anxiety levels. Seek emotional support of your friends and family to make your liposuction journey smoother.


    Consider Lymphatic Massage after Surgery

    Inquire with your plastic surgeon well before the liposuction about lymphatic massage or other alternative procedures after the surgery. Healthy and scientific massage along with manual drainage will promote faster healing and enhanced aesthetic results.

    A more natural, healthy healing will restore skin glow and softness of the skin in the treated area. Swelling will subside faster and improvements in the skin will reveal early.


    Follow Post-Op Care Instructions Diligently

    Follow the surgeon’s instructions carefully with regard to wearing of compression garments, performing mild walking in the home, gradual resumption of light exercises, and limitations regarding lifting of weights.

    Rest adequately and do not return to work earlier than what the surgeon advises. Empty the drains as instructed and keep the incision area clean to minimize the risk of infection. Dr. McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, GA and nearby areas for liposuction.

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