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Liposuction For Your Double Chin

The jaw and neck are the most visible areas of the face. A double chin, fatty pockets, or jowls can have an adverse impact on an individual’s appearance, making them look older than their years. Over time fatty deposits can

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What type of exercises can you do after tummy tuck surgery?

Certain areas on the body are more difficult to tone than others. The tummy is one such problem area. For this reason, some patients choose to undergo abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, to address that excess fat. After

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How long do you have to have tummy tuck drains in for?

Candidates who have been researching different types of abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) will probably know about the temporary post-operative drains. For people who have never undergone plastic surgery before, often just the word “drain” can be quite a turn-off. However, these

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Is a tummy tuck painful?

Patient counselors usually hear concerns from tummy tuck patients who are anxious about the prospect of suffering pain during or after an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) procedure. Both men and women want to remove sagging skin and protuberant abdominal muscles as

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Will insurance cover any part of tummy tuck costs?

In general, abdominoplasty procedures are usually elective or cosmetic procedures. Such procedures are likely not eligible for insurance coverage. Patients with epigastric umbilical, ventral, or incisional hernia may be able to receive coverage for this portion of the surgery. It

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Ethnic Cosmetic Rhinoplasty – Hispanic & Latin Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery

Depending on their origin, people of Hispanic heritage can have diverse facial characteristics. Hispanic encompasses people mainly from Latin America, including Mexico, Cuba, and Puerto Rico, as well as Spain and Portugal. While each group has similarities in their overall

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Ethnic Cosmetic Rhinoplasty – Asian Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty is considered to be one of the more intricate cosmetic surgery procedures. The nose is a prominent three-dimensional facial characteristic. It performs an important breathing function, which must be preserved during the procedure. Dr. Paul McCluskey has been performing

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Ethnic Cosmetic Rhinoplasty – African American Nose Surgery

A highly experienced and skilled rhinoplasty surgeon will be able to understand the subtleties of African-American rhinoplasty. Such a surgeon will be able to develop a balanced and desirable nose that enhances the natural beauty of the patient. Each patient

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Ethnic Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Some ethnic groups have certain features that are specific to them. However, every member of that particular ethnicity does not share these features. At times, some ethnic patients may choose to undergo cosmetic surgery to modify nose or other facial

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Cosmetic Rhinoplasty – Nose Alar Adjustment

Alar adjustment is a surgical technique that reduces wide or flared nostrils. The nostrils’ outer edges are known as the ala. Alar adjustment is usually undertaken along with width reduction. The surgeon excises a portion of tissue to adjust the

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