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    Are you concerned about sagging muscles and loss of muscle mass? Muscle deterioration begins after the age of thirty, which can quickly result in loose, uneven, and aging body contours. At PSI, we have a transformative treatment for muscle toning and strengthening to restore a chiseled, youthful figure: BodyTone. 

    BodyTone utilizes the non-invasive power of bio-lectric energy to stimulate targeted muscle groups, retrain them to stay firm, and rebuild your muscle mass by sculpting, strengthening, and toning loose or weak muscles. BodyTone will generate about 20,000 contractions of the treated muscles in just 30 minutes, leading to a robust core, improved muscle definition, and increased muscle development of up to 30%. 

    How does BodyTone Work?

    BodyTone is designed to give you the muscle toning benefit of 20,000 crunches without having to hit the gym! The treatment works in three phases as follows: 

    1. Warm-up: This is a low intensity phase, which will prepare your body similar to a pre-workout regimen at the gym. 
    2. Muscle Toning: This is the medium intensity phase, which will resize, reshape, and sculpt muscles for a well-defined contour. 
    3. Workout: This is the maximum intensity phase, which will strengthen and rebuild the muscle mass for a toned and refined look. 

    BodyTone Highlights that Set it Apart

    • A non-invasive treatment focused exclusively on muscle toning
    • Fully customizable treatment tailored to your anatomical and aesthetic needs
    • It induces hyper contraction of the muscles to match or exceed the results you may achieve in a gym 
    • Promotes muscle growth and muscle mass rebuilding using unique waveforms that retrain your muscles to be firm
    • Multiple body areas can be treated in a single session 
    • Strengthens, tightens, defines, and tones targeted muscle groups
    • Most effective on the abdomen, biceps, thighs, and buttocks
    • Quick and convenient in-office procedure requiring only 30 minutes 
    • No downtime involved – working people can get it done as a “lunchtime” treatment
    • 100% safe and proven FDA cleared treatment 

    Candidacy for BodyTone Treatment

    BodyTone is a body contouring procedure, which is ideally suited for women and men having a body mass index of up to 25. In other words, people with healthy body weight can expect to achieve the best outcomes. Muscle visibility is naturally higher in patients who have a relatively thinner body. However, even patients with a higher BMI will achieve core muscle strength gains just like others who have an ideal BMI. 

    Treatment Sessions and Expected Results

    For optimal results, we recommend our patients to plan for six treatment sessions of BodyTone spread over three weeks (two treatments a week). For long-term benefits, you should continue to have maintenance treatments every few months. Maximum muscle toning effects will develop in about six to 10 weeks after your final treatment session. However, some patients may see the results faster. 

    What to Expect During and After the Treatment?

    During your BodyTone treatment session, you feel that your muscles in the targeted areas are contracting. The sensation may feel intense for some patients, but it is not painful. Once the treatment session is completed, you may experience mild soreness in the treated muscle group, which should resolve on its own within 2 to 3 days. BodyTone involves no downtime, and you can go back to work or resume your normal routine right after the treatment.